Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 44

Here we are at another week already.  They really are just flying by.  We are 8 weeks away from her first birthday and while I have been pinning ideas like crazy on my Pinterest Board, I have yet to pull the trigger on anything!  We've had a full week full of lots of fun and lots of love.

Week 44:

Eats: we've been incorporating more solids and girlfriend loves herself some fruit, yogurt, and puffs.  She is a huge fan of her bottle and is getting quite good at holding it herself.  She eats well off the spoon but doesn't have much interest in self feeding...while she can do it neither of us has the patience for making her do it...I should really switch that up because independence is key.  We are working on sign language and I think she sort of gets the idea of signing Milk and More...not 100% on that but I see glimmers of it and need to reward it!

Sleeps: the last few days have been full of crazy so her naps have been basically non-existent.   So it's been early bedtimes with still nearly 12 hours of sleeps and cat naps whenever she can.  The other day we went to the zoo and she got a few naps in the stroller and car but when we got home all she wanted was a cuddle and fell asleep on me within 10 minutes.  They are so peaceful when they sleep and tend to have a much better attitude when they wake up.

Goes: girlfriend went to the Zoo and Aquarium.  I think this was the best trip for her yet, she was able to focus on the animals and loved watching all the fish.  She isn't walking yet but can stand assisted and loved getting up close to some of the exhibits.  We also made a trip to our local library for a weekly play group put on by the Children's Museum and this babe was crawling around, losing sight of me and getting worried.  Even though she was a bit clingy she did have a great time.  We also made it to the play land at the mall and she had the most fun there just crawling around, going through the tunnels and watching all the kiddos run around and play.

Does: Finnley's newest achievement this week is crawling up the stairs.  She has only made it up 2 steps and that is probably as far as she needs to go ;) well for now at least.  She loves balloons and playing with all the toys that light up.  She is pulling up on just about everything she can and has actually moved from one item to another...they were very close but maybe she is close to cruising?? Also we have been really working on getting Finnley to stand on her own and she is much happier walking around holding onto our fingers now.  One thing she does when she doesn't have pants on is a bear crawl, I'm guessing it is because she doesn't want her bare knees to touch the floor? It's so funny.

Of Note: the babe turned 10 months this week so we had our little monthly photo shoot and she was making all the faces!! So funny.  She also got to celebrate her first Valentines Day and we just enjoyed hanging out all together.

Mama: I've been trying to be more mindful of taking pictures with the girls but I am not always a fan of how I look...the thing is though is that shouldn't matter because pictures are everything. My mom didn't like being in pictures very much and it's hard to find them now.  This week has been pretty good, I have had a couple of headaches and one migraine but other than that I am feeling pretty good.  I'm feeling like we are in such a great groove and so close to being done with bottles that I am just counting down the days/weeks until we can be done with them...but I am also having some major pulls in my heart for another babe.  I am hoping and praying that number 3 will join our family without having to pay a bunch of adoption or IVF fees...we shall see.

Sister: these two are the bees knees.  They love each other something fierce and Ellie has been all about Finnley lately, unless Finn wants to play with the toys!  It's going to be a learning curve for all of us but I just love how much these two girls love to be with each other and their hearts for each other.  Love is really what makes a family.

Ellie at 44 weeks

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