Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 46

Wow!! Happy 1st day of March!  I can't believe how quickly time is passing by.  Finnley is growing and laughing and changing every day and so does my heart.  I love her so incredibly much.  We have had ourselves a busy week since Thomas has been off work for a break and we have been living up life as a family of four!!

Week 46

Eats: I said that I wanted to be more diligent about having Finnley work on the sippy cup and let me tell you, she has that thing figured out!!  I am pretty confident that she is not a fan of vegetables or bread for that matter.  She loves puffs and yogurt melts and also baby yogurt. I am thinking I should get some fruit and veggie blends to encourage her to eat her greens!! ha  We are still going strong with our formula in our beloved bottles, though I am glad that we are near the end of using them this time around!!!

Sleeps: we've hit a bit of a rough patch lately with the little miss and her sleeping.  Maybe she has a tooth coming in because she's been gnawing on everything, but for some reason she has started waking up in the 5:00 hour and I just don't know what to do about it! What happened to my sleeper?? Hopefully this is just a phase - and a short one at that!  She's been pretty good with her naps and I can pretty much guarantee on an hour and a half long nap.  She grew out of her sleep sacks (although this one fits her) so she is sleeping in just her fleece sleeper and seems to be doing just fine!

Goes: we went to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, out to The Spaghetti Factory, to Dim Sum and to the Museum of Flight!  Along with the regulars of work and Ellie's ballet class. I just adore her sitting with us in the high chairs and how she is able to entertain not only us but herself as well.  She is quite comfortable in her car seat and is a pleasure to drive around in the car.

Does: cruising, crawling, laughing, gnawing on all the things, and making all the faces.  She loves our cell phones, remote controls and all of her sister's toys.  I was able to clip her hair into her very first "ponytail" this weekend and I can't get over the cuteness.  I am obsessed with hair (my own, Ellie's and now Finnley's) and am so excited that hers is growing! Another thing worth noting is that Finnley is an absolute rock star at playing by herself, she is a needy girl at times but the fact that she will wander off into her sisters room and just play on her own makes me smile.

(please take note of Finnley chewing on the Trolley)

Mama: y'all we are at my favorite age of Finnley so far.  She can feed herself, crawl, pull up on all the things, play by herself, hang out in a high chair, and makes all sorts of noises.  Once she starts drinking out of a sippy cup exclusively (7 weeks and counting!!) and walking (tomorrow please?!!!) she will be on point.  I know we shouldn't wish baby away but when they become toddlers it makes my heart swell with all the love and adoration.  I love that Finnley loves herself her mama and that I can pretty much get her to stop crying in a nano second and she knows how to work it.  She will whine and whine and once I get my hands under her armpits and start lifting she'll stop crying and just smile with the grin of success!! It's hilarious.  On the emotional front I think I am pretty good this week, Thomas was home for mid-winter break and we just lived up life this week.  It was so good for my soul to just have some solid family time, that is what I crave.

Sister:  Ellie is all about her sister and has been referring to her as "My Baby", it's the sweetest but I always have to confirm that it is Finnley she is talking about and not her Bitty Baby!  Things must be going pretty good on the sister front because Ellie has been asking for a Baby Brother - I wish girlfriend, I wish that too! She told me that we will need a new car seat for him and could I please think about getting him one! These two girls have been spending a lot of time together and Finnley is always on the search for her sister while Ellie is always calling for "my baby" to come play with her...and then she won't share any of the toys #wehaveworktodo

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  1. Your babies are just so sweet! Thanks for sharing a bit of your life at the Healthy Living Link Party!
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