Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 42

Happy February 1st!! I can't believe how quickly time is passing and how can it be another Wednesday already?  This girl has officially been out in the world for as long as she was cooking (as of yesterday)...yep she was nearly 2 weeks past her due date.  We've had all sorts of fun this week and I am so happy that we have just another 10 weeks and then this babe will be ONE YEAR old!!

Week 42

Eats: she is eating up a storm nearly 28 ounces of formula a day!  Additionally she is eating puffs, baby food, yogurt (her fave), yogurt melts (her second fave), and then all sorts of food from our meals.  She doesn't like potatoes (just like Ellie) and is more of a fruit girl than vegetables.  One difference though, she does like chocolate!  Also have I mentioned how much I love that she holds her bottle now? It really has become quite handy when I need to tend to Ellie.

Sleeps: we are still getting around 12+ hours of sleep at night so that has been very nice.  Once again her naps have been a little crazy - with us being busy and having a bit of a different schedule, thankfully she is becoming a go with the flow girl and she doesn't act too cranky.

Does: Finnley is getting so good at independent play!! It's a dream come true to have two girls that can play by themselves (or together) and don't need constant direction in how to play.  I think it's a great skill for kiddos to have, because sometimes Mama just needs to sit down!!  She loves all the toys and I'm sure like most younger siblings gravitates to her sister's toys rather than all the baby toys.  Also Finnley babe is crawling all over and is getting quite good at finding us when we are doing chores around the house.  I wanted to mention that she is helping get her arms out of her car seat straps too...which is so helpful when I am constantly getting the girls in and out of the car.  She has been wanting to walk but it is hard work! Just like when she was figuring out crawling she cried with every body she cries with every step she takes!!

Goes: we went to visit my dad for another acupuncture treatment (I really think it's helping), to watch Ellie's ballet class, to the park, costco, Thomas work, and a movie!! It was Ellie's first time at a movie theatre and both girls did so awesome - full post to come.  We saw a sing along version of Moana and y'all the songs are so cute, the storyline was great, and I am still singing the songs in my head!

Of Note: girlfriend has SIX teeth!!! Holy Cow they just keep coming and coming!!  She has three on top and three on bottom.  We nicknamed one of them "snaggle", which is her right maxillary (upper) lateral incisor, because it showed up under the surface of her gums over a month ago and I seriously thought it was going to be her third tooth! But then her right central incisor and then left central incisor showed up followed by her right mandibular (lower) lateral incisor! Finally yesterday that darn "snaggle" cut through and I can feel/see the next one coming up on top!!  This is just crazy.

Mama: I've been feeling relief from my headaches and migraines this week which has been so nice.  I also mentioned my knot that I have under my shoulder blade to my dad so while I was getting acupuncture he stuck in a few needles for that as well.  He gave me some tips on how to reduce the tension and so I have been more cognizant of keeping my weight off of my right arm - I have experienced some great improvement so I think whatever it was is working.  When I sit and think about it I am seriously speechless at how grateful I am to be a girl mom and to have my two little sidekicks.  Finnley has been extra clingy to me lately which is a blessing and a curse and Ellie has also been showing me some more affection lately which is everything!!

Sister: Ellie has always been obsessed with her sister but some days she is more affectionate than others.  This week she has been all about her sister and seeing the two of them together is adorable.  She has been wanting to help hold Finnley and gives her all the hugs.  Her favorite is to help wake Finnley up in the mornings and that is one of my favorites as well.  The other day they were playing with Thomas and Ellie held Finnley up under her armpits and was helping her walk - I couldn't get my phone to get in camera mode fast enough so I have to photo documentation but OMG it was so sweet!

both girls in their high chairs - I know it might be silly having Ellie at 3.5 still in a high chair but she loves it and it keeps her contained at dinner time!

♥ Ashley 

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  1. Awww you have such adorable kids and they seem to bond with each other so well. Love the candid moments you have captured.

    xx, Kusum |


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