Thursday, March 1, 2012

Extra Day

Yesterday was Leap Day aka February 29, 2012. I took advantage of the day to do some shopping...I cannot say that it was much needed but it sure was fun.

Over the years my style has changed...a lot!! In High School and my first couple years of college I tried to be really trendy...and you can tell in old pictures. While I loved my acid washed whisker jeans (they are still in my closet) and my short tops...I have found as I have gotten older that it takes a certain body type...think Jessica Alba or Ashley Hebert (from the Bachelorette) which I do not have. Also many of the trends I tried to pick up on were very short lived. So the past few years, while trying to stay "in trend" I have been leaning for a more classic and flattering style, more natural. I have really gotten into the skinny jeans with tall boots or ballet flats and I LOVE cardigans and scarves (I have ALWAYS loved scarves).

So, on my shopping trip, I found a few more items for my St. Patricks Day decor as well as for Easter and some clothes for myself! Since we purchased our home I have found it more challenging to buy clothes and would rather get items for our home..but my styling has taken a turn for the dated and old. So I think I took great advantage of my extra day this year.

I got two great cardigans from Anne Taylor Loft Outlet and a nice oversized sweater.

This morning was blessed with icy road conditions which meant a 2 hour delay for work! I had the BEST breakfast. It sounds weird but it was really good. Cottage cheese with a little salt and fresh ground pepper!! It was delish and I would recommend it.

Hope that you are enjoying your first day of March. It is a fantastic Month (mostly because I was born) we are on the countdown for my Birthday... 16 days away! The only problem with having another birthday is that you are getting a year older. In a way its sad because it reminds you of all they things you have not yet accomplished in your life plan when you made it up at age 15!! Oh well God has his own plan and I rejoice in my blessings!

♥ Ashley

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