Friday, March 9, 2012


11 years ago, my mom got a cockatiel. We named her Gwenivere. She bonded with me. She used to do my homework with me. She used to cook with me. She used to go driving with me. She used to go in the shower with me - on occasion. She used to do a lot of things with me. Then I went off to college. She has since been living in the piano room at my parents house in a lovely cage and rarely ever getting out. With the advancements of my moms battle with cancer, she has become one more thing that my dad just does not want to deal or worry about. We were toying with the idea of giving her away. Or taking her to a bird rescue. Or taking her to a bird store for them to re-home her. But it was just talk and I wasn't that worried about it. Then we found a potential home for her. And I began to rethink this whole re-home thing. We have 3 bedrooms in our house and only use one of them. Could it be possible for her to come and live with us? I met the potential owners at my parents house...I got there early so that I could work with her a little bit to re-introduce her to being around people. I thought that she was going to take a long time to get used to being with people again. But she took to me right away. She was behaving like no time has passed since the last time I took her out of her cage. My heart melted. How could we be seriously thinking of getting rid of one of our family members? Would I ever see her again? How would she react to not only having a new cage to live in (because I was NOT willing to part with that beauty) but to also have new humans start to care for her? Birds can get easily stressed. I cleaned out an old cage of hers (since the one that she currently lives in NEEDS a new paint job) and brought her home. I feel a little bit like an animal hoarder. But I just can't part with animals that have been in my life...that were in my mom's life. Who are these people that are going to give them new homes? Are they going to love them more than me? The uncertainty is something I am not willing to deal they just come to my house.

So there you have it. We have added another to our menagerie...Gwen. So far she is working out. I have taken her out of her cage EVERY DAY this week. She spends time cleaning the house with me and hissing at the dogs. I LOVE her! I LOVE my mom!!!


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