Thursday, March 29, 2012

Manicures - Like or Dislike?

I know I have posted about my dislike of manicures on here before...but whats wrong with a little repeat?

Well I don't actually "dislike" manicures I just find fault in them. Here is what bothers me about mani's:

* since they cut your cuticles you tend to have A LOT more hangnails afterwards
* after digging your wallet out of your bag to pay for your mani, you nick you nail(s) and either have them fix it or just walk out embarrassed.
* once you get home you have one or two nails left that look perfect
* you paid all that money and spent the time to end up with chipped nails and extra hangnails or little bits of skin peeling off your fingers around your nail bed
* where was SHELLAC when I was getting married back in 2008?

Now here are some things I LIKE about a nice mani:

* they cut and shape your nails just the way you like it
* you get an awesome hand, arm, and finger massage
* you get some moisture locked in with the lotion massage
* if you go to the right place you get a hot rock massage
* your nails look nice and pretty
* if you SHELLAC your nail color lasts A LONG TIME without the many chips and nicks

So there you have it take on the mani.

Now I love me a mani and I look forward to the two or three I might get a year. But now that I have been introduced to SHELLAC!! I will never go back to a regular mani. You just can't beat a mani that looks just as good the day you got it a week+ later!! AND I found a cure to all those little extra bits of skin that pop up after your mani...don't have them cut your cuticles. I know I know it sounds crazy -- that's part of the reason you go in there. But this is what you do. You have them put on that cuticle diminishing cream and push back your cuties, then have them JUST cut what the pushed back nothing on your skin around your nail bed. Don't worry your manicurist will be more confused than you are right now but TRY IT AND YOU WILL THANK ME!!!

So you probably are wondering what brought on this post, I just got home from getting a SHELLAC mani and here are the pictures to prove it:

after looking at these pictures I am finding that I REALLY need to get a new camera that does better close ups! My little Casio from 2005 just isn't really cutting it nowadays.

SO what do you think of my hot pink colour? I know its brave but I figured since spring break is next week I can pull it off. And its pink so my (late) Momala would approve. Love you mom!!

Let me know what you think of your SHELLAC mani and if you took my advice on not getting your cuties cut in the comments section!!

So all in all Manicures - iLike as long as its SHELLAC!

♥ Ashley


  1. I live by Shellac!! my friend and I actually went halves on buying the UV light, color, base and top coat etc to do them at home. It's so easy and has already paid for itself in the number of times I have done it!! regular nail polish would chip off in a day or two and then I would bite my nails down to the nub.

    Who knew Shellac would actually stop me from biting my nails, and last weeks, and make my nails so pretty!!? :)

  2. Don't you love them!!! Where did you get "home" shellac equipment?

    1. We went to a beauty supply store, but online through Amazon may be good too!!

  3. I am slightly obsessed with shallac...its the only manicure I will do. I have a French one on right now that I got 2 weeks ago when I was in Minneapolis. I also have all the stuff to do them but still don't have the techniques down to make them last. The light I bought was only $50 and I probably should have bought a better one that has higher wattage. All of the stuff I found on amazon, its not part of the cheap shipping products but still seemed to becomperable to buying it at local beauty supply store.


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