Friday, March 16, 2012

a week

I don't know how to write this post. Maybe I will edit it and change it later, but right now this is what I have and how I am feeling.

I can't believe its been a week. Last Friday, before I left for work I posted about Gweniviere, my "new" Cockatiel, that I took from my parents house so my dad would not have to care for her anymore. Shortly after my post, and after I arrived at work, I received a phone call from my dad informing me that my mom had passed away. Talk about an emotional weekend/week. I was also plagued with a really bad head cold, sore throat, congestion, earache, body-ache, and a sensitive tummy, maybe it was God giving me something else to think about? I am not sure because I am still trying to get over this sickness.

On Monday we had a private burial, the lot that my dad picked out for my mom is beautiful, she is right next to a fountain with a view of Bellevue and Seattle. Our Pastor gave a very nice sermon and we were able to adorn her casket with flowers from a very close family friend. We will be having a larger memorial service for her at the end of the month in Bellevue.

We all have our different grieving processes and I respect how others are coping. I still can't believe that when I call my mom will not answer the phone. I can no longer just call her and chat or ask her advice anymore. She was a beautiful woman with so much strength and faith and energy. She will always remain in my thoughts. I love my mom. I cherish all of my memories with her. She loved the color pink.

If you would like to know more you can check out the blog we have set up for her HERE

♥ Ashley

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