Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!!

As I have mentioned on here several times this month my Birthday is on St. Patricks just about everyone celebrates my birthday and most don't even know it!!!

I have a birthday tradition of going out to FX McRory's in Seattle for my birthday. It is an Irish pub/restaurant that does a HUGE St. Pats Day celebration with a slew of Bag Pipers, a Three Piece Band, Drumline and Dancers. The restaurant is decorated with Irish flags and banners and they have a special Irish Day Menu on my birthday. (Though I never order from it, I always get the Prime Rib!! YUM)

(Me and my Daddy with the cake he brought!!!)

This year I celebrated with Thomas, my Daddy, Deanna (MIL), Robert (FIL), Tyler (BIL) and Roz (BILGF). We had a wonderful time drinking green beer (thanks to the addition of green food colouring brought by Tyler) eating great food and blowing the candles out of the cake my Daddy brought!! I wore the birthday hat that my mom got for me last year...and I will continue to wear it every year! ILY Momala!!

(Playing "When Irish Eyes are Smiling")
(Playing the "Happy Birthday" song)

Sadly this year they only had the 3 piece band and a couple of Bag Pipers...we have noticed a downsize in the celebration at the restaurant over the last couple of years probably due to the economy...but it still is a really fun place to go!! But its so fun when the band plays for you at your table...It never gets old!!

After dinner we all attended the Opening Season game for the Seattle Sounders and they were victorious with a 3-0 win over Toronto.

(Deanna is taking the picture)

I received wonderful gifts from everyone.

Deanna and Rob gave me one of these Arrows from a store down in Sumner called Folkart Gatherings. I always croon over these arrows each time we go in there. So Deanna decided it was time for me to stop drooling and start having!! I love it and I love that she got me the Shamrock to hang from it. They have so many different styles and designs of "signs" to hang from the arrow and I believe they are a competitive price (though I haven't seen these anywhere else) In addition to the Arrow they also got me an adorable Gnome to put in my garden (yes I put those things in my yard...I think that they are cute and add character!!) I will have to get a picture of the gnome another time.

Tyler and Roz got me these adorable Owls from Pier1. One is a figurine, one is a lotion and the other is a lip balm. I think they are adorable and are the perfect addition to my decor.

My dad gave me a generous gift and I was so appreciative to have him be a part of my special day.

My Sister gave me a beautiful Gold and Green bracelet that I have worn several times.

Thomas gave me this, I have been dreaming of one of these for what seems like forever and my dream finally came through. We just picked this puppy up today and I love it already!! I still have to work on figuring out how it works. But I just wanted to apologize to all you married ladies out there... I know you think that you have the best husband but I love/hate to break it to DON"T because I DO!!!!

Its a Nikon DSLR D3100, with two lenses and a carrying case.

Do you have any traditions for your birthday? Let me know about them in the comments section!!

♥ Ashley

This was an emotional birthday for me as it was my first one without my mom (the ones in college don't count because I wasn't home for them) but I have to say that the company kept my spirits up and helped me to celebrate and have a wonderful time. I am so thankful for their kind and generous spirits and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that I had a good time. I also received many text messages and FB posts on my wall from friends. THANK YOU!!


  1. Ashley, I saw your comment on my blog and happily visited yours. I'm SO happy that you guys are almost through the sometimes LONG homestudy process! will say LOTS of prayers that your sweet baby is home with you MUCH sooner rather than later!! (Yeah, I probably should title my blog posts, but I just never have...). Happy Easter!

  2. Oh thank you for taking the trip over!! I like that you don't title your keeps things interesting!!

    Thank you for your prayers! That is ours too...MUCH sooner than later!!!


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