Monday, March 26, 2012

Ultimate Wedding Week - Bridal Shower

Natasha over at Schue Love is participating in "The Ultimate Wedding Week - 2012 Link Party" She is actually the focus for today's topic: The Ceremony

While I do not have any pictures saved on this computer of my ceremony I did find some pictures of one of my many bridal showers!! This one was hosted by my MIL's best friends at my MIL's house. This was by far the most outrageous shower I have ever attended. It was fabulous and I still smile when I remember this day.

We had a lovely Tea Party, games: Video Q&A, and Bridal Gown Runway (where yours truly was the model), and gifts. Big shout out to all of the attendees thank you for taking part in my special day!!!

Please enjoy the pics from this fabs event!

the two Hosts with their adorable aprons!

the video Q&A. My Dear Husband to be was video taped answering a list of questions. Everyone at my shower got to watch the paused after each question was asked and I had to give the same answer as DH. I got a sticker for every wrong answer! Sorry Love for not knowing you a little better.

Opening the gifts.

My MIL, Deanna, me and My MOM!

Me and the Girls, My BF, Me, my sis, and my SIL.

The Teas!

My fave teapot....can you guess why? (yes because of the clovers!)

The food table. (and some gifts!!)

The bridal dress runway fashion show game. Though the guests were not informed that this was a game (that made it the most entertaining)
The premise: We are going to show you a few of Ashley's options for her wedding gown.

Dress #1

Dress #1

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #2

Dress #3 (sadly this is the only picture taken with this dress) It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables.

After the fashion show the guests were given a sheet of paper with questions on it. The one with the most correct answers wins!! Questions included; Which dress had short sleeves? Which dress was all lace? Which dress had a collar? Which dress had a V-neck? It was SO fun!

*the dresses were from my late Aunt-In-Laws stash of wedding dresses she picked up at various tag sales "just in case someone needed a wedding dress" she has an armoire full, at least 20 dresses.

enjoying the tea and conversations.

Me and my Momala!! (miss you!!)

Well dearies!! I do hope you enjoyed this look back to 2008. Did you have a memorable bridal shower? What were some of the games you played?

And in case you were wondering my dress was from Macy's, idk the details but I know it cost less than $50.

♥ Ashley

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  1. What a FUN shower!! Love all the china! And that is SOO funny what you modeled some awesome dresses...what a great idea to keep things interesting!! Love it! Thanks so much for linking up!


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