Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Good News!! PTL

God is good, He is so good.

After getting the email on Friday last week that our Home Study was complete and that we could begin making our portfolio.  I had NO IDEA how long we would have to wait to get into our Adoption Agency's Seminar.  [When I spoke to our contact in January there she said that there were about 12-14 couples ahead of us and that they were unsure of when they would be having any seminars...the only allow 4-6 couples into each seminar.  It is a two day, 8 hours each day information, counseling and getting to know you weekend...but we were assured to get into a seminar in the 2012 calendar year]  In the email she said we were close to the top of the list for getting into a seminar but no dates were available yet.  We got a call yesterday.  Letting us know of the date of the next seminar and we made the list!!!!!!!  OH Happy Day! PTL.  And the best part is the Seminar is in ONE month!!!  One day will be on Thomas's birthday and then its Father's Day.

We are just thrilled to be moving along in this process so quickly!! at least I think its been quick. 

What's next you ask?  

Well since our Home Study is complete we can begin applying for Adoption Grants.  We found a couple of sources online...they all say that you cannot start applying until AFTER your Home Study is complete and approved.  Well we have both so starting this process we go.  In addition we are sending in our registration for our Seminar and creating our Portfolio.  It is our goal to have a complete "rough draft" of our portfolio prior to attending the seminar.  So I better get my camera ready! (and get that darn usb cord too)  

After we attend the Seminar we will then be on the list to get onto the "Waiting Pool List"  lots of waiting and patience...good thing I learned that Patience is a Virtue in my early years because I am exercising in greatly.  Then once we get on the Waiting Pool List our portfolio will be shown to prospective Birth Mothers who fit our criteria and we fit hers...then we will be chosen by her to raise her child as our own.  Oh and PAY for it all.  So we need to get on those Grants and look into personal loans if necessary.

To help us out please sign the petition on my blog for the adoption tax credit to help families like us adopt children and provide forever homes for all children.

If you know of any grants or scholarships to help with adoption costs please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you lovely readers!!  and thank you for letting my share our journey.

♥ Ashley

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