Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May the Odds be EVER in Your Favor

I caved.  I didn't know if I was going to or not.  I tried to hold out.  And as usual I got to the "Games" late.  Just like with Jelly Sandals, Samba shoes, Skinny Jeans, and now The Hunger Games.  But out of the "Games" no longer am I.   I mentioned to DH that I might be interested in reading these books.  So what does he do?  Like any AMAZING husband out there, he puts his name on the waiting list at his school's library a few weeks ago and came home with it last Thursday. 

I didn't quite understand the fascination with this series.  To my knowledge it is a "young adult" series so why are so many adults interested in it...granted I LOVE Harry Potter and that is a "children's" series.  I knew after talking to many of my friends and colleagues who have read the series and couldn't quite explain the story in a way that I could understand the premise so I just had to read it.

I started the book with a couple of chapters on Friday.  I will admit I was intrigued.  Not many books can pull me in within the first few pages.  Bravo Ms Collins on your ability to capture your readers so early on.  Then I started it on Tuesday at the end of my work day.  I was anticipating getting out of work a few minutes early but due to how involved I was I actually left 15 minutes late.  I could not put the book down and read all the way to part three in bed.  I dreamed about what would come next.  Decided that I would not work today and start my day off with finishing the book.  It had me yearning for more so I texted my husband who was at work and asked him to get on the waiting list for the second book.  He arrived home this afternoon with it in hand!!

The story starts with the main character Katniss talking about life in the "Seam" of District 12, in the country of Panem.  (America after all has gone bad)  She sneaks out of the barbedwire embedded fence to go hunting in the forbidden forest. This is her last morning of freedom before this years Reaping.  This my friends is what is enthralling, what is the Reaping?  It takes almost three chapters before you find out.  The Reaping selects the "Tributes" for the Hunger Games, a live broadcasted survivor of the fittest game.  Two tributes are selected from each of the 12 Districts to fight each other in a blood bath war that the Gamemakers and the Capitol city dictate to prevent a new rebellion from happening.  Katniss's younger sister is chosen but she volunteer's to go in her place.  The story then takes you through her experience with her fellow District 12 tribute of the Pre-Games ceremonies and then we follow her on her journey during the Hunger Games.  Once we get into the actual Hunger Games the outcome is foreseeable and somewhat predictable the story continues to be riveting and you cannot put the book down until you learn all the details.

**For some reason all throughout the first two parts of the book I could not help but think that my life is somewhat like the "Hunger Games" and that my school district keeps playing a similar game with all the RIF's they keep doing year after year.  I am beginning to think it is for their amusement to see how much they can uproot ones life and put them through months of turmoil while waiting and wondering if you will get your job back.  Then each year around the same time you wonder if you will be the "Tribute" in your School (district) that will be given the RIF letter and just my luck I have gotten to be the Tribute 4 years in a row!  May the odds be EVER in my favor!**  Sorry about that...just thought it was a little funny.

So there you are my dear readers.  My first book review.  I have never done one before.  Let me know what you think? I tried to not give away too much for those of you who still want to read it but still give you an idea about the book.  Have you read it?

♥ Ashley

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