Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mary Mary Quite Contrary....

 Well I realized that I haven't yet posted any pictures or updates on this years garden...I have been working diligently on it so maybe thats why...to busy?

 Here is what our veg garden looks like this year.  We moved some things around and decided to forgo a few of our usual choices to try some new things.  I still need to get rid of the grass growing between the rocks...I am thinking of getting some sort of edging for that issue.

Here you can see some of the sunflowers I randomly threw around in the garden are making an appearance as well as the Cukes and Zucchinis! (our new adventure).  Looking forward to making some zuke fritters and bread!

Our tomatoes...don't seem to be doing great but I am holding out for them!!  I think we are going to be able to make some great Greek Salads this year!

The golden raspberry bush...I hope we get something from it this year...we learned these like TONS of water! so we will see what happens.

 The strawberries had taken over a good portion of our garden.  I am slowly in the process of digging them up to transplant into some planters as well as sell them at our garage sale (if we ever have one) 

Even though we have not had much luck with our corn, I decided since my peas were so pitiful last year we might as well plant some corn and see what happens.  Hopefully if nothing else the peas will do better and maybe we will be rewarded with at least 2 ears of corn!

Our new Blueberry bush this year...its a "Pink Lemonade" blueberry meaning that it is supposed to bear pink fruit!

Our other blueberry bush from last year.  SO many blooms and buds on it...excited for harvest.  It is a "Chandler" blueberry.  We picked this guy up at a blueberry farm and got to sample all the varieties and this was our fave.

Our Huckleberries...no flowers yet but I am sure they will be coming. This bore its fruit late in the season so I think that might be why.

the Snow Peas are shooting up....and some of the Snap Peas are starting....I think Thomas did a better job planting the snows than I did with the snaps.

Walla Walla onions and a few red/purple onions.  

Our two apple trees.  We learned this year that our one apple tree (in the front) really needs a pollinator to produce more fruit so we finally jumped on board and got a second one (in the back) which is a Pink Lady apple tree.  I think it might be too young yet to get much if any fruit but it sure did have a ton of blooms.

My Snowball trees....LOVE these.  One of the only good things that the previous owners planted in this yard!

All the plants made it through the winter and are starting to bloom and grow back!! No need to replace - the joys of perennials!

My first attempt at creating a hanging basket.  Never made one before and I don't think my mom ever really had them at her house except one or two with pink geraniums throughout the years.  We will see how it goes..but this was a wonderful vintage find.  There is a pink geranium in here in honor of my mom as well as that white bacopa.

One of the two flower pots flanking the garage.  Marigolds and Alyssum.  I thought that Marigolds fended off slugs so I was going to plant them with the veggies...but after reading up they actually ATTRACT them! UGH at least I have planters!

You can just see it behind the water pump but one of my roses that died a couple years ago (that I pulled out) seems to have made a come back this year!  Also in this bed; iris's, pansies, and daffs.

This planter still has a surviving pink geranium in it that my mom planted at her house last year!! I am hoping that I can keep it going and have it bloom again this year.  ILY Momala!!

This is just a portion of our front yard.  Will get more coming soon.  And I still need to let y'all know and see the little back yard!

So how is your garden growing?  What things have you planted?

♥ Ashley

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