Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend [Friday Fancies]

Memorial Day Weekend


I love this Fat Face zip hoody so I had to base my whole outfit around it!  I love the colour of it and it looks like the fit is really nice and cozy for a night by the fire maybe making s'mores!

I love these Madewell shorts and I think they compliment the tank and hoody. And you can go anywhere with this great Guess bag.  I love Guess.  They are my fave bags and wallets.

I am really starting to get into the gold accessories.  I remember 10 years ago (while I was in High School) I wouldn't be caught dead with anything Gold hued, it HAD to be Silver or Platinum or White Gold in hue.  Since I started working at Fabri Fine Jewelry, I acquired a taste for yellow gold and it has really grown on me.  I love these gold bracelets from J. Crew and they go well with the Red Herring flip flops and the watch.

I love these aviators by Michael Kors.  I have been attracted to these style of shades lately so I think I am on the lookout for a pair like this.  Hopefully I can find a cheap knock-off pair at like BP or something.  Living in Seattle, its hard to justify paying more than $20 for a pair of sunglasses that you are only going to use for the 25 days of sunshine we get a year and then promptly lose the next day. 

So here are my Friday Fancies for this lovely 3 day weekend!!

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  1. Those pink shorts make the outfit! I am finding myself wearing more gold these days, too. I have been a silver girl for so long! Hope you have a great holiday weekend. New follower! Angie


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