Saturday, May 12, 2012

What are you doing this weekend?


My husband and I are hoping to go boating today on his parents new boat.  It's "maiden" voyage. I say maiden because it has been out before. We have been on it.  The boat used to belong to my parents but my dad no longer had any use for it so he was wanting to get rid of it.  Thomas's parents offered to take it off his hands.  He agreed.  So here we are with the temps supposedly getting into the high 70's maybe even 81 degrees.  We are wanting to take this puppy out!
  If I could wear anything on the boat to day I would love to sport this look.
I love this top and it would look great with the shimmer on the water.  I know that it is long sleeved but its perfect for the wind.
The shoes are great.  Awesome traction and give a great twist on the nautical feel.
 These shorts are great.  I love the color.
This bag is great.  It has the nautical stripe and enough room for a towel, bikini and sunscreen...a MUST!
I loved the rope detail on this bracelet.

These earrings are TO DIE FOR!!  be careful that you don't drop them overboard!

I love these classic glasses.
So there you have it my readers.  My boating day look!!

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