Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding [Picture Thursday]

Two of our wedding photo's are displayed in our Dining Room.  

I love the little one of us smiling at each other.  For some reason the colour of the frame is not represented correctly - its the perfect chartreuse green colour.  I got the frame about 3 years ago at Nordstrom.

The large photo was a birthday present from last year.  I had requested that my mom keep the photo safe and then pick out a frame for us.  I had NO idea what I wanted the frame to look like so all creative was left up to her.  She picked out this simple (but heavy) frame from Pottery Barn.  The matting that she got was not cut correctly, and she wanted me to approve it before she made it final.  Unfortunately she was unable to take it to the framer's to have the matting cut and installed (is that the right word?).  So this February, I took it into Michaels.  They said that it would be easier if they cut a new matting so I picked out one that was the closest in colour of white that my mom chose.  Had them cut it and then put it all together.
We are still trying to figure out where we want to hang it (and how since the frame is challenging) so it is just chillin' on one of my tea carts that I picked up at the Junk Salvation.
So nearly 4 years after we tied the knot we finally have our wedding photo up and displayed!

♥ Ashley

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