Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Decorate Wednesday - the Nursery

I have been hard at work figuring the layout of our little room.  My main focus has been on the "changing" wall.  This wall is doing double duty as a changing wall and reading/rocking/library wall.  I am still working on my alpha letter project for this wall.

 Just walking in the door and looking to the left.    The chair is just there for placement.  I am still searching for a Glider/Rocking chair.  I am not exactly sure of the style or colour as of yet but I know I want something comfy.  Pretty sure I am on the lookout for a Glider though I like their movement better.

Looking from the corner where the crib will be.  We still need to replace the carpet and baseboard, but you can see what a fab job my dear Husband did on painting the closet doors and surround!  ILY Thomas!

A close-up of the shelving.  I spent a half hour measuring and leveling and marking where the holes should go.  Then when we actually got them up (using anchors in the wall as well) turns out the shelf must have slipped as I was marking the holes because two of them are NOT level!! {not sure why I shared this - I guess I just wanted you to know!}  Currently on this shelf is my infertility journal and my favorite book "I Love You Forever", my mom used to read this book to me often growing up and it was a wonderful Christmas present this year - a recorded version of it in her voice.  {makes me cry every time I read it} and the little giraffe is from my mom as well.  Can't wait to get more books to go on these shelves!! 

Another view of the curtains and changing corner.  It makes me so giddy and excited to see these pictures and know that someday soon we will have a baby in here!

Many of the items in this room were things we already had.  The Giraffe rocking chair we picked up a couple of years ago at World Market.  The Giraffe photo was one of the first pieces of art we chose for our home.  And my MIL knows my obsession with giraffes so she picked me up the one on the chair from Costco - comes complete with two receiving blankets and a mushy blanket.
I know I mentioned on here before that I am not into the "Baby" looking nursery but I love these three safari animal pieces that my MIL picked up for me.  Still need to get a changing pad cover and all of those diapering needs.  I am also thinking of getting a mobile to hang from the ceiling over the changer to use as a "distraction" to hopefully keep baby still as they get older.

So that is the nursery tour so far.  I am really getting excited!  The list of needs is getting smaller and smaller.  I feel like all we REALLY need is new carpet and a crib/crib bedding!  Come on baby we are ready for YOU!!

Thanks for letting me share.  Again I am super interested in anything you think I might need as well.

♥ Ashley

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