Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm Baaack

The internet has been crazy again at my house lately.  So no pictures today - hopefully soon.  I posted my last post from Thomas' phone and it wouldn't really work the same way as a computer so I am not sure how many times I am interested in doing that.

This past week however, we were on vacation!! I know I know that we are on Summer Vacation but we actually went somewhere.  The original plan was to go to Coeur d'Alene Idaho but the house that my MIL had rented double booked us!!! So we were out of a place she quickly got back to searching and found a place on Newman Lake, WA minutes from downtown Spokane.

It was a great little place and so fun to have the boat tied up to the dock just off the of the house.  The fishing was amazing, Thomas and his dad had a blast catching about 40 fish off the end of the dock each night!!  The weather was gorgeous and I got a sunburn - guess I didn't learn my lesson from our Caribbean Cruise from last year - except this time I didn't use sunscreen at all. 

We did drive into CDA one day to look around.  They have this "All Things Irish" store and I was in heaven!!  We also went into Spokane and ate at "Tomato Street" it is SO SO SO much better than the Olive Garden and I love going there almost every time I visit Spokane!!  I get the baked lazzoni and I think next time I will try something new.  We stopped by our adoption agency to make another payment and get an update on our process.  We are still on the wait list - I guess that the Summer is the slow wait we continue to do.

The sights off of Newman Lake were beautiful and I was able to get many great photos - I hope to share soon!!

Well there is the update!!  What have you been up to? I would love to know!

♥ Ashley

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