Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Friday

I have shown a few pictures on here about our baby nursery and the projects that I have been working on that are directly related to this room.

The changing table.  My mom got this dresser for me when I moved into my own big girl room and I started kindergarten (at least I am pretty sure I was 6 years old when I got this).  I loved it and got it at this cute store on Mercer Island - Finders, idk if that store is still there but we got many of our home furnishings there when I was growing up.  The dresser was so pretty - a light coloured wood with hand painted flowers and vines on it, it came with a matching trunk and mirror.  I also believe that they had a bed frame to go along but I preferred my wicker trundle bed instead.  My whole room was a Laura Ashley rose pattern.  When I got older I wanted something more on the purple side so I changed to a Laura Ashley lavender pattern...luckily the dresser and trunk matched well.

When we bought our house and I moved in along came my childhood dresser and mirror.  It has been sitting in our baby room untouched.  I contemplated selling in on craigslist but never got around to it.  My plan was to get a new piece from Ikea - a grey dresser in the Eglan or Edland design.  But it was little hard to chew in price (this was before we even started all of our infertility stuff).  Now that we are going the adoption route buying a new dresser was out of the question - especially since I got laid off too (the joys of being a teacher at the bottom of the hiring pole) and it is now discontinued so I couldn't even get it if I wanted it.  On to the new plan - lets paint my old puppy grey and use it instead.

What I did:  first I took out all the drawers, did a light sanding and then wiped off any excess particles.  I sprayed one coat of primer - Rustoleum primer in gray.  I let that dry for about 1 1/2 hours just to make sure - it was about 82 degrees outside.  After the primer dried I sprayed on a coat of Rustoleum Satin finish in Granite and let that dry for about 2 hours.  I felt that it needed a second coat so I put that on again.  Let it dry again for about 1 1/2 hours maybe 2 [it was probably two hours] and then put it together and brought it inside.  ** I had a few places where the paint made spider veins/webs so I gave a light sanding and tried painting again will a little bit of success.  Those spider veins helped determine which wall this kiddo would be sitting on so I could hide them in the corner.

before - you can sort of make out the hand painted flowers on the sides

after - all nice and grey.  I mentioned on Monday that I want to change out the hardware to some cream/white ones from Anthropologie but I am not too sure.  I might do it later on, I don't think its a do or die thing though so we will see. 

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!  

How do you like spray paint?

♥ Ashley

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  1. Looks great, Ashley! I love that color. :)


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