Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend of Shopping - Nursery Sneak Peek

Since we don't really know when we will get the call that we have a potential birthmom match we have been working tirelessly on the nursery making sure it is pretty much ready for a baby to come any time now. 

I spent this past weekend SHOPPING!! My MIL and I picked up some much needed items for the bebe room. 

First stop was to Ikea to get the Ribba shelves everyone is talking about - took forever and walked the WHOLE place before I found them [they are in the frame section in case you are wondering], a cute wicker basket I have had my eyes on for a while and then an impulse buy of the drawer organizers.

Then off to Anthropologie to check out their knobs (in cream) for my dresser makeover but at $6 a knob it was just too big of a bite to maybe later.  And the doorknob I wanted was $42!!! Not happening as of right now but a girl can sure dream right?

I wanted to look at changing pads and covers at The Land of Nod.  A girl was there picking up a changing pad and only paid like $20 so I said I would get one was actually $36 so that didn't happen - not sure how she pulled that off - we are on a budget due to my getting laid off again.  But we did see a couple potential changing pad covers one, two, three ...oh and they have these adorable wooden blocks - almost look like the vintage ones - ADORE!!

We found a cute play-yard at Pottery Barn Kids and their changing pad was the same but a few dollars cheaper - crazy!!  They had a few cute mobiles and some more cute alpha blocks.

It was fun doing all the looking and some purchasing.  We made a stop by BabiesRUs and picked up a bunch of stuff.  I found a mobile, an organic changing pad (cheaper than the non-organic at Land of Nod), a diaper bag, and some Dr. Brown bottles (both glass and BPA free plastic).

We also stopped at Target where I picked up a curtain rod to hang the curtains.  LOVE it! 

I also made a stop by Michaels yesterday to pick up some wooden alpha letters for a fun project that I am doing in the room - that might take a while before I post whats up with that!

I am just busy today putting a lot of it together and making the room ready for baby!!  Pictures to come later!

Are there any must have products or nursery items that you can think of?  Please let me know in the comments section below!

♥ Ashley


  1. ah i love it!! especially the baby books ;) Do you guys have a glider, as opposed to a rocking chair? I could spend hours sitting in my glider with Landon :D

  2. p.s. LOVE the diaper bag. it's totally you!

  3. LC!!! I miss you!!

    I am thinking a Glider - I am looking for a cute sturdy one that isn't too expensive - maybe off of Craigslist????

    I love my dipee bag too!!! Can't wait to start filling it up!

    ♥ Ashley

  4. ours is almost like this one:

    they are a MUST HAVE for those long nights you'll be up with baby and it keeps you awake, and eases baby too:) Do you have a swing baby can be in? ours was like this:

    It was older, but it swung side to side, not front to back. Landon liked side to side better, but who knows if it matters really:)

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