Thursday, July 19, 2012

Picture(s) Thursday - Happy Birthday Thomas!

Last Saturday we celebrated Thomas' 30th Birthday!!!!! he actually turned 30 last month but we wanted to wait for good weather for the party.
The pictures are out of order - sorry last things first!

 opening presents!! he got some good ones!!
 blowing out the candles on his cake!

 playing in the finals of the Bocce Tournament - and yes the Birthday Boy's Team won!!!
 our friend tossing his kid in the air - it was crazy high!
 Tyler getting pumped up for the finals in the Bocce Tournament

 Watching some of the Bocce Tournament
 Even my Daddy played!!
enjoying a BBQ hotdog!
chillin' with his daddio
more Bocce tourney
BBQ eats
the pups wanted to be part of the festivities!

my daddy brought his fogs for the fun - they needed to be corralled due to their excitement in the goats...
Thomas best friend from high school
making my mom's famous guacamole!we

we had a blast and the weather was amazing!!  I think that we brought in Thomas' 30s well!!!                                                                                         &                                                           ♥ Ashley

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