Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello Friday!!

It's Friday it's Friday! Let me just do my little happy dance here!!

I cannot tell you ladies how much love I have for my sweet little Ellie. I can't believe she is already 17 months old!  She is growing and maturing so much every day. She also loves to take risks and is determined to learn how to navigate stairs, PRONTO.  It scares me half to death because she will try going up or down them without me there to help. Considering we live in a rambler she isn't exposed to them very much. But does she love them!

I mentioned last week that we were taking the plunge to cloth diapers. We haven't started yet :(  our plan was to begin on Saturday but then Ellie was hit with one of the worst diaper rashes of all time (thanks olives). She is still recovering and since you can't use diaper creams in cloth - she's still in a disposable. Hopefully her butt will clear up and I can put these babies to use! We have a combination of Bum Genius, Fuzzibunz, Blueberry, Alva , Gdiapers, and Little Monsters. I am looking forward to which brand we like the best. 

We have fun weekend plans. First Thomas is going to the Sounders game. We are hoping for a win so they can earn some sort of award - I don't know much about it. But let me tell you that our Seattle Sounders have one of the most loyal fan base in the country and they are quite a successful team! When he gets home we'll have some family time and a nice dinner (hoping for Pot Roast!). Then on Sunday we are doing our second annual pumpkin party at our house. Weather permitting we are going to the patch then back to our house for soup and carving.  We had so much fun last year and are excited to do it again this year!


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In case you are new around her I have a series "Toddler Tuesday" that I just absolutely love. It's about all things Toddler. I have learned so much from all my great guest posters and I hope you have too!  I am looking for more guest bloggers to post about their experience, things they love, things they have learned about life with your toddler. Please leave a comment or email me if you would like to contribute a post for this series!!

God is surprising me every day. That actually shouldn't be a surprise because HE is all powerful. Every night when I put Ellie to bed we sing songs and pray. We have been praying for a pregnancy as well as for Peace and Understanding in HIS plan. Which is so hard. Still 5 years into this infertility journey and the emotions are just as raw - if not more - than in the beginning. While our prayer for pregnancy was not answered this month for the first time, I didn't cry. Huge steps. As Ellie and I were driving on Monday after I got a negative test we were "talking". My whole life I have wanted 4-6 children, but lately I have been thinking that Ellie IS enough. So while my hearts still hurts a little I am beginning to accept that I might not ever get preggo or have a bio child. So I have decided to stop counting days and documenting cycles and all that (and to stop buying preggo tests - infertility women's crack!) I just need to give it all up and put it into Gods hands. Ellie might be an only child but we know that adoption is such a blessing and will most likely continue to grow our family that way. We have been so blessed with Ellie's adoption and having her in our lives that we know the love we can have. So our prayers have put more emphasis on Peace and Understanding is Gods plan  

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  1. Ellie looks like the sweetest little girl! Enjoy your weekend, Ashley :)
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    (I think it will encourage you)

  2. Ellie is too precious. I love her expression in the first picture.


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