Thursday, October 16, 2014


How is it Friday already?!!?!??!  We have just had the best week so far with Ellie refusing naps, having mini melt downs, and our husky attacking our miniature pinscher.   You know just a classic week on the farm, it's what's worth living for.  All the chaos aside, I wouldn't trade being home with Ellie all day every day for anything. I just love her so much. 

This outfit has me dying over its cuteness. 
Vest: Target
Raglan sweatshirt: Old Navy 
Jeans: Carter's 
Moccs: Freshly Picked

I am just loving this #31days challenge I gave myself for dressing Ellie this month - because girlfriend is just too cute!  And really who know how much of a floral fan I would be (product of the 90's)

Some people might call me crazy and that's okay! Because I am too excited for words. 
Yep. We are making the switch to cloth diapering. I still have a few reservations and a ton of questions, but I am so excited to take this leap.  Before we adopted Ellie I knew that I wanted to cloth diaper, but then we had Miss J (our nanny) come to our house every day and she didn't seem too thrilled about the idea so I held off. Now that I'm home with Ellie, I totally feel like I got this!  I got free early admission (as an adoptive parent) to this huge consignment sale in our area "Just Between Friends", maybe you've heard of it before? Anyways I have been waiting and saving for weeks to go to this event and pick up as many cloth diapering things I could get my hands on! And today was the day!  I can't believe the deals I got! Example 3 Bum Genius and 6 inserts for the price of one!!! And I got another Diaper Genie for $5! We will see if it works for CD or not, but hey for $5 seriously who cares! 

Wednesday October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. As a mom of four angel babies I still have yet to meet, this was a pretty heavy day and I might have been slightly distracted. Thankfully Ellie was a ray of sunshine and wanted to give lots of hugs and kisses - God I love that girl. 

Miss Lu is a daredevil. I'm sure I've posted about it before. We live in a rambler so our house is lacking in stairs - great thing when you have a new(er) walker, bad news when all she wants to do is climb. 
She has found the only "stair" in our home and basically does this on the daily. 
Face plants every time and immediately gets back up to do it again. Hey whatever floats your boat babe. 

I am praying for rain on Saturday. I know that's bad because it would put a damper on some of our weekend plans but would also be a good thing. Thomas is a tennis coach and league playoffs are scheduled for all day Saturday and I would much rather have it be rained out so that we can spend the day together as a family of three. So we shall see!

Happy Friday y'all and buy a pumpkin for me!



  1. I love consignment sales! Seriously great haul!!! That vest is so cute on miss E! Love her adventureness but I totally understand the mom panic moments!

  2. Someday when I have kids I really want to give the whole cloth diapering a try!

  3. I love her little chair, it's so cute. She seems pretty fond of it to :).

    I hope you get your rain.

  4. Happy Friday! I love her vest. SO cute. And you're kinda my hero for switching to cloth.


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