Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thankful Thursday - emails

So Sprint was having an awesome promotion going on this last week, where they were paying an additional $200 per phone upgrade. 

We couldn't pass it up (especially since I couldn't update phone anymore due to not enough storage available - 15.7gb used!!!). So we went in on Sunday and I handed over my iPhone 4S in exchange for an iPhone 5C with 32gb storage, a screen protector, and a car charger with $50 left over to apply to next months bill!!!  Coming out on top y'all. 

As with getting a new phone I had to re-setup my email - which meant I had 11,948 unread emails!! Argh, if your like me and can't stand those little red icons next to your apps it was daunting. It took me two days (ok not full days) to clear that mess up.  

But the awesome thing is - I got to go back in time, all the way to June 2009, and check out those old emails I for some reason cannot delete. 

I'm so glad I saved them because I ran across several emails from my mom - before she got sick! Of course I had to read them, they were super short since my mom avoided the internet like it was the plague. But it was so heart warming to read her words again. I miss her every day and am so thankful that technology has preserved these tidbits of hers!!

And also no post is complete without a picture. Please enjoy Ellie on day 2 of October!!

Oh how much my mom would love on her!!



  1. That was a blessing in disguise for sure! My dad just died in August and I love coming across things he gave me or wrote.
    -Kimberly Haddock

    1. Oh yes it was! It's always nice finding those little gems! I'm sorry for your loss.


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