Friday, January 30, 2015

Crayons, Yogurt, and a closet clean-out

Another Friday??? Wow these weeks are going so fast.  Let's not waste anytime and get right to it!!


I started a GoFundMe page to help raise money for our next adoption. You can read about our story and donate if you feel compelled. Any little bit we can raise will help so much. Having a sibling for Ellie is so important to us and adopting her was such a blessing that we want to do it again.  I know that Ellie is going to be a great big sister because she loves the baby (now 6months old) I nanny and is always concerned about the babies we watch at church. She doesn't seem to get jealous of me holding and feeding and is pretty patient waiting for me to help her. I know that having a second babe is a game changer but since I watch 3-4 children everyday I'm confident I am handle it!


Speaking of raising money for our next adoption, I'm cleaning out our closets and selling items on IG @adoptioncloset but if you're interested you can buy through the blog!! Old Navy blue sweater size small $15 includes shipping EUC. Kenzie brown swim suit cover up size 2 $20 includes shipping NWOT. Express short sleeve grey sweater size XS $10 includes shipping GUC. Victoria's Secret satin bathrobe size S $25 includes shipping NWOT.  J Brand Jeans Scarlett cigarette size 24 $125 worn twice.  Some items of Ellie's will be added this weekend. 

Ellie is all about "coars" these days. She asks everyday to color and points to where we keep the crayons. Right now they aren't much more than scribbles but she just loves this activity. Some of my favorite pieces she's made. 


This face is what I get when I tell her to smile for the picture. 


And frozen gogurt is the breakfast item of choice in our house lately. I like it because it's not as messy as regular yogurt and Ellie likes it because it feels good on her teeth she has coming in. So far she has 16 and I think those 2nd molars are starting to make an appearance. 

♥ Ashley

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  1. Oh we loved frozen gogurt for the teething stage :) I will definitely check out your adoption donation page and donate when I can! Can't wait until you guys can add another little one to your family xo

  2. Hi from the link up! What an amazing story you have...praying for you guys during this time and your future little one!

  3. So exciting you're going to adopt a second babe!! Ellie will love being a big sister! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!
    XO Kelly

  4. Stopping by from Friday Favorites! I want to wish you the best of luck in your adoption journey!!!! Such an exciting and fun time; praying that God will work His ways and that all will fall into place!

  5. Excited for you guys and your next adoption journey!

    Those colored hearts are simply the best too :)!

  6. What sweet, sweet photos! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Ellie is adorable. I am interested in adoption and hopefully will begin the process sometime next year!
    Thanks for linking up at the #TGIFHop!!


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