Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello 2015!

I'm It's already January. I'm not quite sure how that happened. But alas here we are. It's still "Christmas" on our farm and will remain that way until Epiphany (January 6th - the twelfth day of Christmas, the day the magi found Jesus)

These two get me every time!

The great thing about January is that it's a new year, a time to hit the refresh button and a chance for something new or to make some changes. However, you can do this at anytime. 

We are starting our new year off a little bit rough...Ellie is throwing up for the first time today, poor babe. We've been lucky though to have gone 19 months before a vomit episode. Thankfully Thomas doesn't go back to work until tomorrow so we can take turns snuggling!

We've been talking about things we want to accomplish in this new year. Call them resolutions or goals I don't think it much matters. But whatever they are we want to make them attainable and realistic. I tend to be an overreacher, and set way too many goals in too short of a time period. Our list is a combination of home, personal, and family. 

So here is our list (of sorts):

• makeover our master bath - painting cabinets, trim, and doors. DIY frames on mirrors. New floor. Fairly simple I think!

• recover the chairs in our living room. I got them on consignment nearly 5 years ago and the cheap fabric has been worn and ripping for the past three years. It's time - just need to choose the right fabric. 

• paint the exterior of our home (a dark grey with white trim)

• replace all our baseboard. We have piles of reclaimed baseboard in our garage from Thomas' brothers old house, we just need to paint it white and nail it in. It's been chilling in our garage for about 4 years and we keep talking about it but haven't made it a priority. 

• prepare and eat more balanced meals. Basically more fruit and veggies, less desserts. In an effort to be more healthy

• go on family walks or at least be more active. 

• go on a family outing once a month (zoo, aquarium, something out of the ordinary)

• get together with family more often (once a month or so for dinner) to encourage relationship between ourselves and for Ellie. 

What are some things you are working on for this year?

♥ Ashley


  1. We are painting our house a grey/brown color with white trim next month! I'm so excited because this is one of the last things on our home renovation list :)
    XO Kelly

    P.S. Hope Ellie feels better soon! Nothing worse than a sick babe :(

  2. You have some pretty great goals on your list. So excited for 2015.

    Hope Ellie is feeling better today.


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