Monday, January 12, 2015

This Weekend

This was the weekend of no naps. Okay so maybe that isn't entirely true. 

We had some running around and Ellie fell asleep in the car both Saturday and Sunday. But then when we pulled into the driveway her eyes popped open and she was up. We tried having some quiet time in her room so she could rest some more but she just wasn't having it. No tantrums or crying just super busy and playing. She seemed to be just fine and her attitude was pleasant, so no complaining. 

We hit up TJ Maxx and got Ellie some more sippy cups, much needed since she is "chewing" on the spouts and they are no longer leak proof.  I did some research and it's cheaper to buy new ones than to replace the spouts. And you can see how she likes to ride in the shopping carts now. 

We got Ellie a slide for Christmas (because she loves slides and so she pulls have something she is allowed to climb on). She has become quite proficient at climbing and being dangerous on it. It finally happened on Saturday, girlfriend fell off the slide. She likes to stand on top of the slide and then smiles and laughs when we tell her to sit down, then she sits and goes down the slide properly. Not on Saturday. I told her to sit down, which she tried but her butt landed on the side rail of the slide and right on over she went. She started crying when she landed. My first instinct was to pick her up and hold her to comfort her, but my first aid response one over and I wanted to make sure that there was no neck injury so I waited for her to move her arms and legs and roll over by herself. Was she demonstrated she could move her arms and legs and rollover we picked her up and culture and loved on her and about 45 seconds later she calm down and was ready to go down the slide again. 

I finally finished my book last week I was reading the first five books of the Wizard of Oz series, have started reading a new one called "To Kill a Mockingbird".  I was supposed to read it freshman year of high school but I don't think I read very many pages. I've heard so many people talk about this book that I truly think I'm missing out so since I found it for $.50 at the Goodwill decided to get it and start reading it.

We finally put all of our Christmas decor away and we have so much more room in our house!  It always feels so refreshing  to put away the decor and see all that extra clean space! Although next year is going to be pretty cool since we took advantage of the after Christmas sales and got a bunch of lights for the outside for next year! Ellie actually didn't seem to be too sad about the Christmas trees going away and just totally took it in stride. 

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

♥ Ashley

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  1. I thought the same thing when I took down my decor. My house instantly felt huge. So funny.

    Have a great week!

  2. I love putting away Christmas decorations and declutter our whole house! It's the perfect way to start a new year :)
    XO Kelly

  3. Our house seems so bland without all the Christmas decor. Time to find something Valentine's themed! :) So very much hope you love To Kill A Mockingbird. My favorite book of all time for sure!

  4. What is with the no naps? Charlotte is on strike, too. Is it the weather? The moon? Sheesh. We also put our tree and decorations up, and it was worth it because it made my hubs realize that we needed some more decorations. Yay! But now it's dark at night. I guess I need a new lamp. ;) Happy week, friend!

  5. No naps are not my fave. But doesn't sound bad at all!
    Aria is the same on her slide. Daredevil. Climbs up the slide side, stands up, goes backwards down it, etc. She hasn't fallen off yet though. Good thing it is so short! I'm sure it is bound to happen eventually. Hopefully nothing series!
    Agreed. Love when the decor is put away. I am both itching to deep clean and too lazy to start.


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