Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekending Enjoyment

It's Monday but it's still the weekend! Thank you Dr. King. 

Friday night we met my Inlaws for dinner and then I had to rush to our church to work in the childcare. I spent 2 hours being thoroughly entertained by an almost 3 year old and I cannot wait for Ellie to start talking!!

Saturday was pouring down rain the whole day. We ran out for a couple quick errands (picking up some paint) in the morning and then I got to work painting the cabinets in our bathroom while Ellie took a 3 hour nap! After she got up I ran to the store to pick up a few things dinner. Oh my word was it a yummy dinner: chicken with a tarragon cream sauce and spinach farro salad with goat cheese. I will share the recipes on here soon. 

Sunday we had a nice morning with coffee and "Dan Dan" (Daniel Tiger) on the tv while Ellie was just the the sweetest little girl. We spent Ellie's nap time cleaning and prepping the house for our first monthly family dinner!! I made cheeseburger soup, pretzels, and cheddar biscuits with a nice green salad. Oh my word was it so fun to have everyone over! Ellie had the best time playing with her cousins (I don't think she has ever played with all her toys souch!) and boy did she get winded running around with them. I feel so blessed that we live so close to family to make get togethers like this a reality.  

Today still seems like a Sunday. I am working on more painting in our bathroom and resting/enjoying time with my sweet little family!

♥ Ashley

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