Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Baby's 1st Christmas Wishlist

Baby's 1st Christmas Wishlist

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As we are nearing towards Christmas I thought I better put up Ellie's First Christmas Wishlist.  Let me first put it out there that wooden toys are my ideal type of toy (no bpa plastic) plus I think they look kinda retro.  This list is a "guideline" of sorts.  

1. Activity Walker.  The one pictured is not the one I hoping for but if you click the link it will take you right to it.  How cute is this though?  Ellie is super into standing right now and can sort of pull herself up (with our help of course), so walking is in her near future.  I love that these walkers have other activities to do with them other than walking.  Multipurpose toy? Sign me up!

2. I adore the Skip Hop toys and the Tree Top Friends are my fave.  We already have the activity mat so any of the adjoining toys would be great.  A stroller toy or two would be fantastic as we have transitioned Miss E into facing front in her stroller. 

3. Girlfriend is also really starting to LOVE bath time so I think its time to invest in some toys for her.  I am not too particular but I do like letters and numbers (must be the teacher in me) for educational purposes.  But anything that is semi-age-appropriate is good in my book.  I would prefer some toys that she will love as she gets older.

4. How great is this wagon?  I can totally see it being a huge hit once Ellie gets older to pull around all her stuffed animals.  But how fun is this for using instead of a stroller for going to parks and having picnics?  

Do you have any other suggestions for what would be good for Ellie?  What are some of your favorite things right now for the 1 and under group?

♥ Ashley

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