Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 35

Wow! I can't believe that another week has passed by already.  Our sweet girl is 35 weeks and just getting better and better.  She has gotten to the stage where she doesn't like to be left alone and it pulls at my heartstrings because I want her to figure it out but I can't stand to listen to her crying.  She is growing up so much and is a whole 8 months old - just 4 more and she will be a one year old!!!!!

Week 35

Eats: aside from formula in bottles we have been trying lots of baby foods.  She seems to be pretty open to all sorts of different foods but I think she prefers fruit over vegetables.  I really switched it up this time around and am having her try all sorts of different things in hopes it will broaden her palate so she won't be as picky as Ellie is when she gets older. We'll see if this works ;)  She is doing well in her high chair (how cute btw?) and can hold her own bottle about 35% of the time...I really need to encourage her to do it more.

Sleeps: I really cannot express how happy I am that she is being a good napper in all sorts of locations.  When we are nannying I have her sleeping on the floor in a dark room and she does so well in there, she is also sleeping well in her car seat, the ergo, her crib, and is finally an on the go sleeper...I really wasn't sure if that was going to happen but I am so glad that it has!!

Goes: one of the nursery's that is close to us brings in reindeer for the month of December: Donder and Blitzen.  So we made a trip down to visit them (twice) and both girls had so much fun.  Not sure if Finnley really knew what was going on, but she sure looks cute!  We also made a trip to visit Santa.  I'm doing a whole post on that so I am not sharing any sneaks but I do have to say that the Santa we have been going to passed away this year and I was so distraught about it.

Does: Finnley is crawling!!! Oh my word it is so exciting.  She is still figuring it out but I can say that she is officially crawling.  I love it so much and I think it makes her a bit happier too.  She keeps making a beeline for our Disney monorail toy we have that goes around our tree and will cry like a banshee when we tell her "No"!!  She is sitting up and playing with her toys, rolling around and has been able to get a couple of puffs into her mouth all on her own!

Loves: we have been practicing standing and she loves to stand and play with the top of her activity cube!! Just the sweetest.  She also loves the dogs and her sister.  The best is how she gives me all the smiles.

Of Note: girlfriend turned 8 months old, started crawling, and can kind of feed herself!

Mama: believe it or not I didn't take any photos with my girls this week...oops!! This last week has been a yo-yo.  I have been having some serious emotional symptoms right before my cycle and I have to attribute it to PTLS and it is making me crazy!! I also finally heard back from the insurance regarding Thomas' car from our accident a few weeks back and they decided to total the car, so I have been on the phone with so many different incompetent people I should start charging!! It's created a bit of extra stress that I would prefer to do without.  That aside the girls have been amazing, we've had our moments where I lose my shit - but who doesn't?

Sister: this love runs so deep.  I don't have much to add from previous weeks.  However, now that Finnley is getting older Ellie gets to have more free reign with her play with her and its so adorable.  Currently Ellie is obsessed with giving everybody check ups with her Dr. Bag

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