Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 36

Y'all this week has been a total blur.  Both Thomas and Ellie caught some nasty bug that included puking.  Praise the Lord that we replaced all our carpet with wood floors last year otherwise we would have some giant red stains in our living room...Ellie had a blackberry smoothie earlier in the day.  Somehow the babe is resilient is heck and was jumping around like a maniac.  Thankfully Finnley and I are in the clear and made it through the storm!  I am in complete disbelief that Christmas is this weekend I feel like I need another week but am so excited to get to celebrate Finnley's first Chrismas!

Week 36

Eats: this girl is all about the bottles and we have actually been able to get by with some regular formula so that is pretty exciting.  We are getting these pre-measured formula sticks and they are perfect when we are out and about or when I'm nannying...because let's be honest lugging around a can of formula is the pits.  Girlfriend is also totes into eating all our food but definitely has a sweet tooth.

Sleeps: with our schedule being as crazy as its been this week Finnley has been a real trooper in the napping department.  She's taken several car naps and has even slept 13.5 hours at night - I don't think Ellie has ever done that!!

Does: it's official the babe is crawling all around.  She can get herself into a sitting position from her tummy and she gets herself from the living room to the kitchen crying all the way...its the funniest thing ever.  She's in this weird stage right now where she is a Stage 5 Clinger and will lose her shit if I set her down to take off or put on my shoes.  It's not an all day occurrence but it sure is obnoxious most of the time.

Goes: we went on the Santa Train, a couple of car dealerships, and just the regular out and about errands. We went out to Red Robin and used the infant carrier...I haven't used that in months - nor carried her in it in forever - that thing is heavy!!!!

Loves: Finn is all about the toys lately and she is loving the ones that light up or she can stick in her mouth.  Ellie also got a balloon at Red Robin and that is the motivation she needs to crawl around the house.  Finnley is also so amused with her sister and the dogs.

Mama: just thinking about where I am emotionally this time of year (with my mom being diagnosed with brain cancer 6 ago) the loss of a couple pregnancies over the years I feel the best I ever have.  I am in this place of contentment and just a peace about me that is so freeing and enjoyable.  Finnley is developing and getting into some of my favorite stages of the first year and then seeing all of Ellie's growth is just so exciting.

Sister: Ellie loves her sister so much but now that Finnley is becoming more interested in toys we have had to have a lot more redirection, conversations, and reminders about sharing and being nice.  Ellie has had her fair share of melt downs about ridiculous stuff (I guess that's the "threenager" stage?) Finnley loves her sister and blabbers to her all the time.  Seeing these two playing together in each others rooms is so sweet.

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