Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 37

This week was one for the books!  Finnley is a crawling machine and celebrated her FIRST Christmas.  Life with these two girls is simply the best and I am so grateful to get to live this life.
Week 37

Eats: all sorts of foods.  She is still not a fan of french fries but is pretty much willing to try everything else...unlike a 3.5 year old I know!  Finnley gets so excited when she sees a bottle and will assist in holding it occasionally.  We haven't given her too many opportunities to self feed but I know that is something we need to work on, Mama's got stuff to do!

Sleeps: with as crazy as our schedules have been this past week Finnley has been a real trooper.  Her naps have been all out of whack but she has blessed us with 11+ hours at night. #blessit We usually have a fan on in her room to help with some white noise...but we're thinking that maybe a sound machine might be a safer choice? Any recommendations?

Goes: we went to a car dealership so I could get a new car!! and I love it! both girls were amazing and so patient.  Thomas' grandma is in the hospital and we made a visit to see her. We attended Christmas Eve service at our church and made our way over to my sister's on Christmas Day.

all the cousins on my side of the family, Finnley and the twins are just 5 months apart and she is already taller than them!

Does: she sits, she crawls, she plays, she laughs.  She also just stares at everything.  We got her an Ariel doll for Christmas and she just stared at her for about 5 minutes!! She is also standing (with assistance) and it's her favorite thing!! She will stand at her activity cube or play table for so long just playing, it has come in super handy when I have a few chores I need to get done.

Loves: y'all she loves baths now!! she has for a couple of weeks but I keep forgetting to write it down.  It took her a long time to start enjoying them but now she sits and splashes around.  I love that both of the girls can take baths together and Ellie doesn't get mad about it anymore - because Finnley would cry the whole time.  But now they can splash and play and laugh together and it just melts my heart!  Other things that Finnley loves are the puppies, her exersaucer, scraps of paper, straws, and all the toys that light up.

Mama: I am feeling really at peace lately and I just am so pleased.  Just soaking in all these moments with my girls is just perfect for my soul.  I have lost my shit a few times so it's not all rainbows but I don't have this empty void anymore.  It's the craziest thing and I really wasn't sure if I was ever going to fill it after having 5 miscarriages and years of battling infertility but I am so happy to report that I feel full and whole.  I have had my moments where I have been missing my mom so hard but overall I really just feel good.  I feel like Thomas and I are in a great groove, Ellie is in a super fun age and Finnley is in our favorite stage of her yet!!  Things aren't going to get any easier but they sure are going to get a hell of a lot better as these two munchkins get older!

Sister: Ellie is just as smitten as ever with her sister.  Christmas was fantastic and I think Ellie loved getting "double" the amount of presents this year since Finnley can't object to her commandeering them.  They are having so much fun together and Ellie still loves to include her sister in everything and smother her in kisses, hugs and head squeezes.  Thankfully Finnley accepts all kinds of love ;)

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