Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 34

34 weeks already?!  I would have to say that this was the week of weeks so far.  If you follow me on Instagram (lifeonthefarm) or Snapchat (alifeonthefarm) then you know that we were in Disneyland last week!  This has been our 4th visit in the past two years and I have to say that it was my favorite to date.

Week 34

Eats: once again we are all about the bottles, but on our trip we got some of these formula sticks and let me tell you they are so perfect for traveling!  They are pre-measured for 4 ounces and take up way less room in your diaper bag than a can, and you can just throw a handful into your bag.  Finnley also got to have lots of solids while we were in Disneyland: churros, pizza, corn dogs, chips, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc.  She just got tastes of them all but was a fan of everything - except potatoes...not sure what I am going to do with my girls ;)

Sleeps: for the schedule we were running, Finnley slept fairly well.  She snoozed on the plane for about an hour on each flight, snoozed in the Ergo while in the park as well as in the stroller. We only made it back to our hotel room one day for naps and both girls were out for nearly 3 hours!! Night time sleep was decent, our first night though was rough with Finnley waking up and crying like a banshee at least four times. While we were on our trip we had two queen beds in our room.  Thomas shared with Ellie and I shared with Finnley.  I am so happy that our sleeping arrangement was successful.

Does: Finnley had a great time going on many of the rides in Disneyland.  I was a little surprised on how well she did.  She was just mesmerized by everything going on and was quite agreeable meeting all the characters.  She did a lot of sitting, riding, smiling, and looking around.  Additionally she played and rolled and worked on her crawling skills while we were in the room (on the bed) and I'm hoping she gets it figured out pretty soon.  I had a dream last night that she was crawling all over the place - so maybe there is hope ;)

Goes: well she went to Disneyland, to the library for a "Play to Learn" event, to our nanny house and out to Costco!  What a busy girl.

Loves: I think it's safe to say that Finnley loves Disneyland just as much as Ellie does.  She loved all of the rides she went on, rode Jingles the lead horse on the carousel (everyone needs to at least once).

Of Note: Finnley went on her first trip to Disneyland.  Is in size 3 diapers, makes the funniest faces, and is so close to crawling.

Mama: like I mentioned above, this was my most favorite trip to Disneyland yet.  My heart was so full going around the park as a family of four, getting to see Finnley experience it all for the first time and just having a leisurely time all around.  I was super content letting Thomas take Ellie on a few rides and didn't feel like I was missing out at all.  Having these two girls in my life is a huge blessing and I am so grateful to get to be their Mama!!

Sister: even the distraction of Disneyland did not take away from the love these two sisters have for each other.  Ellie loved having Finnley along and getting to show her all about Disneyland.  She continues to not be able to keep her hands, hugs, and kisses to herself and just smothers Finnley something fierce with all her love.  When Finn gets a bit older I am sure she is going to repay her sister in full force ;)

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  1. What a fun trip! We just got back from a week in Florida with our two, so I totally get the exhaustion and sleep schedule disturbance issues. They did great, but traveling with kids (anywhere!) is hard!


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