Monday, December 5, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 33

Wow, y'all! Finnley finally celebrated her very first Thanksgiving and we had the best time.  We are full speed ahead into the holiday season and this growing girl continues to make all things joyful!
Week 33

Eats: we are still going strong with the bottles and formula but introducing new solids all the time.  A couple weeks ago I went to a junk show and picked up a second high chair (because Ellie is still obsessed with hers) and it couldn't be more perfect.  Finnley loves to sit in it and get spoonfuls of baby food.  We also had our very first North Pole breakfast and girlfriend was a fan of the powdered mini doughnuts ;)

Sleeps: her naps have been getting better and she is still sleeping through the night. We love having her in her own room and the sleep sacks are perfect for keeping her warm at night now that the temps are dropping.

Does: she sits all the time and plays with her toys and she has figured out a way to squirm out of her infant seat and can get herself onto all fours.  She keeps rocking and nodding her head like a crazy person and is trying so hard to figure out how to crawl.  She is laughing and cooing and making all sorts of noises and is so observant.

Goes: while Ellie was at preschool I met up with some mom friends at a coffee shop that has a play area.  While the babe isn't crawling yet she sure did have a great time.  We went to Thomas' brother's house for Thanksgiving and actually spend the night at my dad's temporary home.  We did venture out for some day after Black Friday shopping and made a quick trip to IKEA (quick indeed in and out in an hour ;) )

Loves: our Christmas tree and the one in her room.  She is all about the lights everywhere.  Finnley is obsessed with the dogs and her sister and now is all about her Dada!

Of Note: poor girl had a pretty bad cold with some nasal and chest congestion but seems to be on the mend.  We also got rear ended on our way home from IKEA on Saturday and while everyone is A-Okay it's just a mess and now we have to get Thomas' car fixed and deal with all the insurance stuff.  We also finally finished up with our last shipment of size 2 diapers and are now officially onto size 3!

Mama: I'm doing really good.  We are in a groove and I just adore spending all this time at home with my girls.  I love having one on one time with Finnley while Ellie is at school and just soaking up this season of life.  I also finally made the decision to stop working in the childcare at our church and I feel so much better about that decision.  I feel like I can fully focus on my girls, our schedules, and keeping our home.

Sister: smitten as ever with each other.  They are all about each other and Ellie really enjoys helping out with her sister.  Like if Finnley gets stuck under the coffee table or couch Ellie is right on the job to pull her out...we've had a few reminders about sharing with sister but overall things are going swell!

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