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{Toddler Tuesday} the dentist

I have been wanting to write this post all month and finally found the time to get it on the blog!
I am so happy to be writing another post for Toddler Tuesday and think that today's topic is perfect for most toddler mama's.

Life on the Parsons Farm

Yes I took my 20 month old to the dentist.  And she actually did really good and I think enjoyed the experience overall.  I don't think its too early to start good dental hygiene and as a self proclaimed addict of good teeth (its one of the first things I notice on someone) I couldn't think of a better time than 20 months and 14 teeth to start.  I didn't do a whole lot of prep work for Ellie, except for teaching her to show me her teeth (with a smile) and to open her mouth.  We have also been brushing her teeth (she does it by herself too) since she was about 14 months old. Other than that we just kind of winged it. Ellie had her first dental appointment on Thursday February 5, 2015.

Here we are in the waiting room.  Showing off her scarf (actually its mine) and practicing opening her mouth to show her teeth.

I actually was seeing the dentist as well so I went first. She got to see me sit in the chair have have the hygienist stick her fingers in my mouth first.

Then it was Ellie's turn.  She was actually quite patient with the amount of waiting time and enjoyed playing on the chair.

The sunglasses were a hit for about 1 minute and then she tried taking them off, she didn't seem to be disturbed by the bright light overhead.

Then it was time for some teeth checking.  She actually got her teeth polished (okay like 2 of them) and then got the water squirter and the spit sucker.  Like me she loved the spit sucker and wouldn't let it go!!  

She was a pro at spitting into the sucker.

Then it was time for the dentist to come in and check out her teeth.  Turns out toddlers are supposed to have gappy teeth to make sure there is room for their permanent teeth to come in and with Ellie's teeth being close together there is a very good chance she will need braces :(  We also need to make sure to keep her teeth clean and start flossing soon to prevent cavities - I guess that close baby teeth are prone to cavities? who knew!

So I would say her first dental experience was a success and hopefully she will continue to love going as much as I do.  I would go every week to get my teeth cleaned if I could!!

Have you taken your toddler to the dentist before? How did it go?

♥ Ashley

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  1. wow they did so much more at her first visit than Callies! Another one of those every dr is a little different type of things! She did awesome letting them check out her teeth like that and even a little cleaning! Yay for a fun first!

  2. I love this post - so glad Ellie did well at the dentist! Our pediatrician recommended starting dentist visits at 12 months - I personally thought that was way too early for Mila. We're planning on taking her in about a month or two (20-21 months).

    P.S. Flossing? I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to floss a toddler's teeth! Have you tried yet? Any tips?

  3. I think we are in the going to need braces club too :(.

    Glad her first visit went pretty well. She did so good for being so young.

  4. Oh my gosh, she is so cute in that chair!! Our insurance doesn't cover Cam until he's 3 (this summer), but I have been dreading the visit already...who knows, he may surprise me, but if it's anything like Ellie's experience, I'll be one happy Momma!!! :)

  5. Oh my gosh, how cute is she sitting in the chair! I just took Hudson yesterday and he kept saying "I want down!" so I held him in my lap. And they were able to polish almost all of his teeth, so that's a win in my book!

  6. I am super impressed!!! I can't believe how good she did!!

  7. She did amazing!! Good job, Ellie girl!!!

    I didn't realize that the gaps were a good thing- woohoo for Abigail LOL.

    I took her for her first visit shortly before she turned 3(I think??) but we haven't been back since. Woops. I better schedule another appointment!

  8. It looks like she did so well!! My child would not let any dentist touch his teeth till he was 5. That is wonderful that she will go and do so well! Lucky lady!

  9. Thanks for this post! I've been meaning to make an appointment for Odette but keep forgetting. I'm really nervous about taking her and hope it goes well.
    XO Kelly

  10. What a big girl!!! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Talk!

  11. Wow! I'm so glad that Ellie went to her first dental appointment this early. That's just the way to go about it, getting their dental visits started as earliest as possible, so that those would be more natural to their daily routines. Anyway, it seems that she really enjoyed her first trip to the dentist. I hope all future visits will be as successful as that. Thanks for sharing that, Ashley! All the best to your family!

    Karen Perry @ Brookside Dental Center

  12. That is so amazing she did so good! My kids have close crowded teeth too, we will be doing the braces things here pretty soon I bet. Thanks so much for linking up with the Best of the Blogosphere

  13. Hmmmm, very interesting. I'd never considered that before!
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  14. Ellie looks so adorable on those photos, and it seems like she had a good time. It’s nice to know that she did pretty well on her first dental visit. Having your teeth cleaned by the dentist every now and then would be great, and it would be nice if you could bring her with you every time, so you could get her checked as well. Thanks for sharing this with us, Ashley. Have a great day!

    Anita Campbell @ Throgs Neck Dental Offices

  15. First of all, Ellie looks very adorable in those photos! It’s great to know that she did great on her first visit. Some might think that it’s a bit early for her age to get a dental checkup, but I think it is a great practice to keep, nevertheless. Anyway, I hope that you’ll continue to monitor her dental health, or at least get her checked every now and then. Thanks for sharing this with us, Ashley!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

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