Monday, April 23, 2012

Meet Paladin {the miniature horse}

I had a wonderful sunny Monday afternoon.  When I got home from work I mustered up the energy and made the decision that it is time for Paladin to get a hair cut.  I really dislike doing this one horse chore.  And a CHORE it is!!  I don't like it because it takes forever, Pal is really short so it puts strain on my back and his hair gets EVERYWHERE (and I mean every-where)!!!  But it has been so hot this past weekend and he keeps rubbing up against our fences pulling the field fence down so I knew I needed to do something.

 Paladin BEFORE
The hairy monster...looks like a buffalo!
 He was SO HOT!!

Two piles of hair...I wish I had something to compare the size but lets just say they are about as big a the goats!!

Paladin: AFTER!
 I always forget how beautiful he looks after he gets clipped.  He actually looks like a horse again!!

This is just the FIRST round of clipping to get the hair off.  I still need to go back and get rid of all the lines and even him up a bit...but after TWO hours...I was DONE!  Another reason why it is annoying to clip him is because he has a lot of dander/filmy/oily skin so the little bits of skin/hair get stuck in the clippers and you have to clean them out after three or four swipes with the clipper.  I think I spent more time cleaning the clippers than actually cutting of his hair!!  But he sure does look good!!

If you are wondering about Paladin, he is a Miniature Horse.  Yes that is his breed and it is an ACTUAL horse breed name!  My family got Paladin when I was in 6th grade.  My mom, sister and I picked him up in May and called him a "mother's day present" so that my Dad would let us keep him.  He was only 4 years old.  I showed him in 4-H where he won MANY honors.  And I also did Pony Parties with him.  He drives a little cart and is SUPER gentle!!  My mom used to bring him into the house to the dinning room during dinner parties that she hosted and he even had Thanksgiving with us that first year!  He joined our farm this January 2012 due to the decline in my mom's health.  We love our little "Pally-Pie" as she used to call him!

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  1. Well you are ALWAYS welcome to come visit him!!!


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