Monday, September 26, 2011

We Have A Milkman!

I feel so fortunate to live in an area where I can get Fresh Milk delivered right to my doorstep!! Smith Brothers Farms Milk (SBFM) delivers locally to the greater King and Pierce Counties in Washington. Click their link to see if you live in a delivery area!!

I grew up drinking this milk. It was so fun to go out every Tuesday, and get the milk out of the milk box and bring it into the house. We also could change our standing order to get specialty items like Egg Nog or breads and cheeses. It was a wonderful childhood memory. When I was in High School my parents stopped the deliveries (probably because now they had "slaves" to go to the store - ha). In hindsight I guess I thought that the Farm was not delivering anymore. But recently I have been to Tacoma Boys in Puyallup and they sell they at least are not out of business. But too since I do not live near where I grew up I did not think that home milk delivery was possible.

A couple months ago, I learned that Thomas' brother (my BIL) and girlfriend were getting SBFM delivered to their house. I figured that if THEY could get it delivered where they live then it MUST be possible for us. Oh the joys of reliving childhood memories!! I checked it out online. Sent in my contact information. Called several times. No reply. Finally saw them at the Puyallup Farmers Market and was able to sign up there. Then two weeks later we started getting the SBFM delivered to our house every other Wednesday!!! I learned too that the old milk box my parents had (a wood one) is really special since they do not make them anymore. The new ones are metal and insulated so the milk is good for about 11 hours in the box.

Another great thing about this milk is that it is fresh. Comes to you within two-three days of the cow being milked. It's not Ultra-Pasturized like the milk you get in the stores. So it's REAL shelf life is only about 14-16 days. Unlike store brands that are good for like 4 weeks since it takes about 1 1/2 weeks to get to the store. AND the milk you get from SBFM is hormone free!!! Follow the link I posted above and learn about the this wonderful Milk from a local farm in Kent!!

ps I am NOT getting paid for this. I am just so excited about getting this product and wanted to share it with you!!

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