Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jewelry Display

I have been contemplating ways to store/display my jewelry. I don't have a lot of it. I began thinking that I might want one of those faux paper mache deer heads that I have seen around. But that really isn't my thing. Our bedroom is styled the most contemporary of our whole house with a minor beachy theme. The beachy-ness comes from vintage coral and starfish post cards I got on our 1 year anniversary trip to Vancouver, BC. I framed them with sand colored mattes and black frames. Just this summer I spray painted the frames white to try and lighten up our room - it SO dark, from dark walls and dark furniture.

Anyways, back to the post. We have two "dead" corners in our room where there really isn't much I know what to do with. So in the dead corner near the bathroom I thought would be a great place to store/display/hang my jewelry. I found these great branch/coral looking wall hangers at Urban Outfitters and I just HAD to have them. I was inspired. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks to my wonderful and beautiful mother, she got them for me. They are now up and doing their purpose. I still have a few more things that I need to get for this corner. Like a mirror and such.

But what do you think? Don't you just LOVE it?


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