Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh Beans

One of the neatest things about growing your own fruits and vegetables is trying new breeds that are not available in the markets. I failed to take a good picture of the Scarlet Runner Beans in bloom. They look just like any other climbing bean except they have bright red flowers rather than white ones. They really attract the butterflies and hummingbirds!!

I tried prepping these two ways. One way in the pods like green beans (their pod is a little stringy) and the other by shucking them. Here is what the actual bean looks like raw.

I also tried some new photo shop on these. But these were the actual colors of the beans. Below is how they turned out after I blanched them for freezing. The color of the water afterwards was beautiful. I wonder if I could have dyed some fabric in that water?? Oh well maybe next year.

Isn't it so interesting how different these beans look raw and cooked? Have you ever had any growing finds like these?

♥ Ashley

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