Friday, September 30, 2011

Keeping Up's FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy October!! Its GIVEAWAY Time!!

I know that it is not officially October until tomorrow but I just can not keep it in any longer. So here we go.

I can't believe that I am already at 75 posts!! I have really gotten into this blogging thing since the new year. Finding and reading new blogs that are such an inspiration to me and keep me going. Its been a rough year dotted with many blessings. In the spirit of the beginning of October 2011, I am SO excited to host my FIRST ever Giveaway here on Keeping Up!!

Halloween is coming up. I cannot say that it is my Favorite holiday, or that it ever was but I do look forward to it. I like all holidays because it is a great excuse for changing up the decor in our house. I want to enjoy my "Fall" decorations for a while before I completely start with the Halloween (I think your house should be decorated for Christmas more days than for Halloween - just me though). I like the idea of spooky fun decorations. I love Harry Potter, Bewitched, Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Charmed, and all of those fun "witchy" types of shows or movies or books, including the Olsen Twins movies.

I love giving out candy on Halloween. Growing up we lived down a long dark driveway so we hardly ever had any trick or treaters come to our house, so if they DID come they got either big candy bars OR lots of candy. I think the most we had one year was like 12 kids (including their parent chaperone's!) I was so excited when Thomas and I moved into a neighborhood with short driveways. I was looking forward to having lots of trick or treaters to give candy out to. We decorated our yard with a few tombstones, and our house was as decked out as we could afford that year with some spiders and a broom. We got a HUGE amount of candy and the most adorable candy bowl and turned all our lights on. We waited and waited. NOTHING. Not one trick or treater the WHOLE night. It was a bust and I was so disappointed. Last year we went even bigger. Got GIANT candy bars. More tombstones for the yard and more inside decorations too. We had all the lights on and blinds open. Our pumpkins were lit. And we waited and waited. We were up 200% we had TWO trick or treaters!! YAYA. They got like 5 candy bars each I was so excited, told them to tell their friends to come too, idk if they did or not but hey 2 is better than none! I am hoping that this year we at least get 2 if not even more would be fine with me. We have walkway lights and will really try to go all out this year. We will have KING size candy bars again. Some of the really good stuff....

I have already started some of my decorations. I have this adorable bat that I found at a great store in Sumner. Then I made these adorable little spiders. Aren't they just so cute??

Well I hope you like them because I am GIVING AWAY one of these cuties to help you start your decorations! That's right its FREE!! All you have to do to enter is become a follower on my blog and leave a comment in the comments section telling me what you love about Halloween. I will be accepting entries all weekend through 8pm on Monday October 3rd, I will post the winner at 8pm!!


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