Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Praise the LORD

Well today is cause for a CELEBRATION!! After a stressful summer of collecting unemployment since I received a RIF letter in May, I got a job today!! It is for less "FTE" than last year but hey at least its a job. It was a whirlwind of a day and our Labor Day weekend was...lets just say...it was emotional. But it ended up today as a relief. I learned a lot today and hopefully the district I work for did too.

I had a 0.9FTE position last year. Apparently according to the HR department and how they read the contract, they can only offer me or "call me back" for a "LIKE" position meaning the same FTE. Since the job they posted was for less than what I had they didn't even think of offering it to me...but really what is the likelihood in this economy that they would be able to find a 0.9fte this coming year in PE? I mean seriously people. Needless to say, I went down to the district office this morning to "clear things up". Told them I was willing to take a reduction in FTE if it meant that I could at least have a contracted job. I also informed them that it should be MY DECISION to make not theirs in regards to what I am willing to take for FTE. I can still apply for more FTE if it becomes available.

Long story short I am a 0.4FTE. I will be working two days a week and available to sub the other three days. I am keeping my eyes open and fingers crossed for more FTE in PE to become available in the district. While I am not going to be guaranteed the job I at least will get an interview. I am a very happy girl.

Praise the LORD for a job!! Now as for my other prayer requests are you there? are you listening?

What things have you been struggling with lately?


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