Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stars Antiques - Store Tour

A few weeks ago, Thomas and I went to Portland OR, to celebrate my Momala's birthday. I cannot pass up the chance to check out Antique Stores there. Let me tell you this, aside from say Snohomish, WA I have found that Oregon (Portland in particular -b/c its the only place I have been) has THE BEST antiques, antique stores, and the prices are great!

Our first stop in Portland, was Stars Antique Mall. I love this store, I first found it when my MIL and I went to the Junk Salvation in Hilsboro in February this year, after the show we checked out Stars.

Here are some pictures and inspiration that I found at the store this time. Unfortunately, my camera died after only 4 read that FOUR pictures.

I love this look of old yarn and crochet thread rolled up. I think the texture alone is so great. I can imagine this in a bowl on a coffee table or a neat basket in the corner on the floor.

This is such a fun idea of how to use croquet balls and then to fill up old mason jars with goods. I think that a basket of the croquet balls would be a great inspiration and addition to a boys room.

I love the idea of making a permant keep forever "Yard Sale" or tag sale or garage sale (your choice) sign to use whenever you or a friend/neighbor is hosting one. You can guarantee that the rain will not ruin this sign.

This is my favorite find. These are vintage carriage blankets. I picked all three of them up and inspected them, they are in mint condition. This explaines the $350 price tag, But oh what I would do for one of these. The chair is beautiful as well. Well a girl can always dream.

If you are ever in the Portland area and need a great antique store to check out, I highly reccommend Stars.

What are some of your favorite antique stores that you like to frequent?


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