Friday, September 23, 2011

In Memory

Thomas has been talking about getting a Windmill like his Grandpa had. He remembers all the love and care his Grandpa put into this Windmill. Thomas has wanted one since we moved into our house. I had been reluctant because I was unsure of how it would look in our front yard. I didn't know how big he wanted. We did not think it was possible to get the one his Grandpa owned because it was at their old house that Grandma sold years after he passed away.

Thomas and I took a drive by trip so he could show me the old house, the Windmill was NOT there. We talked with Thomas' mom. She said the new owners must have gotten rid of it. To her recollection it was cemented into the ground. We soon were to find out that it was still in the family. Thomas' Uncle has retrieved it from the yard during the packing up process. Itself was not cemented but the cables that were holding it down were. He has had it in his back yard ever since.

Now it is at our house in our front yard. I am so happy that Thomas gets to honor his Grandpa this way and his dream has come true. I am very fond of this Windmill as well and cannot imagine our yard without it. It is the perfect addition.

What do you think? Do you have any family heirlooms that you display somewhere? Why are they meaningful to you?

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