Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pick a Colour

This is a new nail polish system that is out. I have heard about it and read about it. I am not the nail polish type...shocking, I know. (at least on my fingers)

Why am I not the type for finger nail polish? It never seems to stay on my nails. Somewhere between leaving the salon, getting out my keys, opening the door and starting the engine I have at least one chip if not many. Then I ask myself why I just spent my hard earned money on something so temporary that no one even gets to enjoy it but me for a whole 5 minutes? So I have been boycotting nail polish on my fingers.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE pedicures. My friend told me about this great nail salon in Auburn that is really "cheap" AND they automatically give you a Hot Rock Massage for like 15 minutes!! Pedicures are great. I love picking out bright colors for my toes. And the polish always lasts because my footwear mainly consists of tennis shoes - the joys of being a gym teacher. Nothing is worse in my mind that gnarly toes.

Back to shellac. As the picture above states - Its a 14 day manicure. Its very scientific. You do not get a lotion massage with a shellac manicure because the grease isn't good for the nails pre-polish. The order of the manicure: acetone to dry out your nail, special base coat and then you put your hands under a uv heat light (must be VERY hot), then the colour coat, back under the light, a SECOND colour coat and back under the light, finally a clear top coat and ...you guessed it....back under the light. Then they spray a paper towel with acetone and rub each of your nails to smooth and polish your nails. A little oil on the cuticles and you are done.

At least that is the plan. But silly me. I figured if I was going for a 14 day mani - I might as well choose a bold colour. Bold I did choose its a dark black/purple colour. And of course as my luck would have it...the uv light I was using was NOT hot enough for such a dark colour, so half of my nails, yes you read that right, 5 of my nails bubbled and rippled. I had to soak them in pure warm acetone for about 8 minutes. So gross how the colour just peeled off, they still needed to use a scraper but, my oh my, does this stuff stick on. After I got the 5 repaired they gave me a lotion massage...Lucky me.

It's practically a miracle. I have gone 3 days with this mani and NO chipping. None, Nada, Nothing. Looks just like new! I even put 2 keys onto a key ring and you would never be able to tell if you looked at my nails. I am a believer. Shellac, you had me a Pick a Colour!!

But I did learn my lesson --- choose a lighter color to avoid mishaps.

Have you tried Shellac? What do you think of it?


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