Monday, April 30, 2012

[OSC] Dress Fancies

I realized its been a week or two since I did an OSC post.  I think that the dresses I have included in this post are ones that I could actually buy.  I have a very low budget that I allow myself for clothes and I think these dresses from Old Navy fit the bill

I am really digging dresses for spring/summer.  They are my preferred way to show off my legs.  I actually DON"T like to show off my legs but I don't like shorts so this is my chance.  I have found that I have a certain dress style that I like to go for.  I like my dresses to hit above my knee.  Have an elastic waistband near my natural waist.  And preferable to have a ruffle on the neck line.  I like them to have thin straps.  The first dress shown basically is my go to dress.  

  Regular Price $26.94
 I love this solid colour!!  and there is extra interest in the ruffles. 

Regular Price $26.94
I like the idea of having a pattern.  I like these colors and it fits my criteria: above the knee and thin straps.
Regular Price $29.94
I am not big on Maxi's as they tend to be TOO long on my short body (I am only 5ft)  I do like this bold patter but not sure how much I would like the strapless...I am afraid that I would have to constantly pull it up.
  Regular Price $24.94
Classic style for me.  I like this colour and I don't have a dress in this colour so this might be something that I can pick up!! Though I am unsure of the shoe choice on this model.

Women's Twist-Strap Bubble Dresses  
Regular Price $19.94
I like how the straps on this dress are twisted.  It gives it a new look and point of interest.  I also like how it bubbles or is blousy around the waist...this really lets you eat your lunch!
Regular Price $24.94  now $15.00
 I love this colour!! And its on SALE!!  the addition of the ruffles at the hemline is great too.
Regular Price $24.94 now $19.99
I like the long drape/ruffle on this dress.  It has such a soft and relaxed look to it! And you can't beat SALE prices!
Regular Price $49.94
 I thought this was fun because of the crochet texture giving it something new.  I also LOVE grey so this is a double bonus.
Regular Price $39.94 now $37.99
Its on SALE and I love the ruffle at the neck line and the addition of the pattern at the hem.  The navy colour is great too.
Regular Price $34.94 now $24.99
You can never go wrong with a shirtdress.  I love that this is bright and yellow.  Perfect for a picnic. And its on SALE! 


Regular Price $19.94
 And it wouldn't be an OSC without a cardi!!!  I like that this one is light and airy and somewhat see through.  It comes in a variety of colours and I think would be great to pair with one of the dresses above on a chilly night.

So there you have it readers.  These are my dress fancies from Old Navy.   What do you think?  Any of them catch your eye?  What dress style do you like to wear in the Summer?  Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. loving the ON dresses, they hae some really really cute summer dresses. especially that ikat maxi dress love that one the most!

    1. yeah they are really cute!! and they are pretty good price points too!! Thanks for stopping by! LOVE Your blog btw!!


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