Friday, September 6, 2013


Sorry this is late getting posted.

We have some fantastic news!!  We have been working with our Lawyer to get our adoption finalized and it finally happened TODAY!!!

We had to quick get all the paper work faxed over on Tuesday (but that didn't work because the fax never sent) so I had to scan it and then email it to them.  Luckily it came through and we were able to proceed with our court date.

Now Ellie was born in Spokane and that is where our adoption agency is through so we had to have the court date/appearance there.  We weren't going to drive the 5+ hours so we were able to do it over the phone!

We were anticipating a long appearance but out phone call only lasted about 5 minutes. Here's how it went down: our lawyer called us and announced the judge. We introduced ourselves and swore to tell the truth. We answered a few questions with "I do" and gave a short testament to how much we love Ellie. And then the judge said thank you and he will sign the paperwork, "goodbye" and they hung up. 

Wow what a relief and total joy to have this sweet little one be officially ours!!

So from here on out we will be celebrating Ellie's adoption day on September 6th!! Party at our house next year!!

♥ Ashley


  1. <3

    So sweet! Sweet Ellie gets two special days now! :)

    (And, obviously everyday is special, but you get me.)

  2. Congratulations Ashley! and what a lucky little girl she is to have such a loving mommy!


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