Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{weekly update} week 17

Little Miss Thang, how are you already 17 weeks?  This week has flown by (probably has something to do with working five days a week) and here we are again another Tuesday. 

Diet: Ellie Pie is still totally loving her food. She is eating 24 to 28 ounces a day and sometimes she will have 6 ounces at her feedings twice a day!!

Sleep: Girlfriend is such a good sleeper she takes 3 to 4 naps a day and then she's going nine hours at night!! Way to go girlfriend!!

Crying: Same as every other week when she's tired, hungry, or sometimes bored or we are not doing what she wants us to do. Although we did have a meltdown at Subway on Saturday and is completely unknown we changed her diaper we tried feeding her but every time we went inside subway she just lost it when I took her outside she was calm as could be. 

Social: Ellie Faith went to the Washington State Fair, previously called the Puyallup Fair.  She also went to the house that I grew up in!! She got to spend time with Miss J and she got to spend time with her Nanny and she got to see her Grandpa this week. 

Clothes: I am proud to say that this girl is wearing 0 to 3 months clothes.

Baby Gear Love: We got baby girl an exersaucer and she loves it. We also got her a few more toys that light up and she is just fascinated with them. She also really likes her Oball rattle. 

Milestones: E. F. loves to help hold her bottle and stand with assistance. She is also doing really good at sitting up and tummy time. 

Mama: It has been an adjustment going back to work and I miss my little girl but I just love it when she smiles as me when I get home!! What a little love. 

Sweet sweet little Ellie, I love you and you are growing up so fast. 


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