Tuesday, September 10, 2013

{weekly update} week 16

How can we already be at 16 weeks!? It certainly does go by fast!  It has been so much fun seeing Ellie grow and become more interactive and able to "play" with her toys this week. Parenting sure is rewarding!

Diet: Girlfriend has increased her formula intake to 24-28 ounces a day. She does love her food. Usually she insists on eating right after she wakes up from naps, but in the morning she loves to cuddle and have a little bit of morning time before she eats (so we get a leisurely morning with her and she isn't super loud when we make her bottle)

Crying: Same as previous weeks, usually when tired or hungry. Although we have noticed she is really mouthy and gets a little fussy so we might be teething. She has had a pseudo tooth since she was 6 weeks but we are feeling some bumps on the top. 

Sleep: OMG Little Miss E has been a great sleeper this week!! She has been sleeping around 8-9 hours at night and we moved her to the bassinet. She does get fussy around 2am so I just bring her into the bed and cuddle her back to sleep and she finishes the night in our bed. I think part of this has to do with her increased food intake. 

Clothes: I boxed up all of her newborn clothes and organized her dresser and closet so that all that is available is 0-3month size. I went through the GIANT bag of clothes I had from our baby shower and found a few more outfit options for her in this size range. We do have a pretty good setup for the 3-6 month size and I am looking forward to some of those cute clothes. 

Baby Gear Love: The Pie is in love with this new light up seahorse we got her-totally mesmerized by it. She also loves her mouse "Clarence" and giraffe "Geoffrey". Sophie the Giraffe is getting a little more action as is her Oball rattle. He loves to grab it and swing it all over the place. 

She loves her "best friend" in the mirror
Sophie isn't the only teething giraffe in our home!!

Milestones: Ellie is doing great with her head and trunk control. She can kind of sit up and loves to play with her toys. She had her first few visits with her nanny Miss J and has been a total sweetie. E also got to sit in an Exersaucer at church on Sunday (with some blankets for support) and she squealed with delight. So we are going to invest in one -suggestions please!!!

Mama: I had my first week back a work/school and am making the adjustment to being a working mama. I admire working moms so much, I am grateful for my profession as it allows me for time off at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and the Summer. 

Sweet baby girl I love you so much. You are a light a joy in my life and you bring me so much happiness. It has been so fun watching you explore this week and I know it's going to just keep getting better!!!

- Ashley  


  1. She is getting so big, I love it!

  2. My girls both loved the exersaucer...one of our best investments! It has been too many years since I've used one, so have no specific recommendations :)

  3. Stopping by from the blog-hop! Little Ellie is adorable!! An exersaucer is probably the best investment you will ever spend for her! We got one for Paisley and I can finally get things done!!


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