Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{weekly update} week 15

Our last week of summer is officially over and that means that my baby girl is 15 weeks old today!  We have had a great time soaking up this little sweetie before school starts and getting some serious loves in!

Sleep: Ellie has been an awesome sleeper! She is going 7-9 hours at night. We also moved her to the bassinet. It's nice having our bed back but I miss having our little girl right there!  She stays in the bassinet until her morning feeding an then finishes up the night in bed-so I still get to have her in there!

Diet: Baby girl is still exclusively on the Similac Sensitive formula and is taking in anywhere from 22-26 ounces a day!

Puppy time

Crying: Girlfriend is seriously awesome! Really only cries when tired or hungry. But it makes me so sad when she gets those tears in her eyes!  Sometimes she get herself so upset that it takes some time to calm her down. 

Day two of school with Mama

Social: Pie (as we affectionately call her) has been a VERY social girl this week! She came to work with mama twice, spent a day with Nanny, met her "Nanny" that will be watching her while we're at work and went in another long walk around Chambers Bay Golf Course in University Place, WA. She also got to go to her 1st Rodeo!!

Chambers Bay

At school with Mama

Ready for the Rodeo!

Clothes: Girlfriend is rocking the 0-3 months size. She has quite the closet and is one fashionista!

Baby Gear Love: Definitely have to say the Ergobaby carrier!! Love that thing.  Also she is loving her activity mat even more and is so much more interactive with it. And the bassinet is finally getting some use!

Milestones: Tummy time is awesome she is really starting to push up and play for a good 5+ minutes without any fussing. Sleeping in a flat position during naps. Little Miss E also got to per her puppies this week and have "playtime" with them-they all loved it. 

car pics when stopped at lights to see how she is doing! No place for a mirror in my car :(

Mama: I relished this last week with her and had so much fun bringing her to work. This week is going to be hard because school starts an someone else is going to be taking care of her (super hard for this control freak of a mom!)

Sweet sweet Ellie Faith I love you so much!  Thank you for being so happy, healthy, fun, and good for us this summer. You are just the cutest!



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