Sunday, September 22, 2013

{monthdate} four months

To our dearest Ellie Faith,

Yesterday you turned 4 months and you wanted to celebrate the whole day!! You took three power naps of 15 minutes each and just wanted to be a part of the entire day!!  We celebrated this milestone of a day with your Nanny and Papa by having a dinner party at their house last night (just the five of us)!!

We have done quite a few things this past month and we feel so blessed to be your parents and to be experiencing these things with you. 

Mama found out that she would be going back to work so we had to find someone to watch you. We are so lucky that God directed us towards Miss J and you have done fabulous with her. Nanny also watches you on Fridays. 

We finalized our Adoption on September 6 and you were so good while we were on the phone with the court. 

You have shown great interest and progress towards sitting up on your own and playing with your toys. We got you an Exersaucer and you think it's totally radical. 

You also are staring to enjoy your baths an like to kick and splash in the water!! And you got to attend two Fairs!! The Evergreen State Fair in Monroe (mamas fave) and The Puyallup Fair (our hometown fair). 

Stats: official stats will come tomorrow at her 4 month appt. 
Height: guessing around 23"
Weight: somewhere in the 12-13 pound range
Head: larger than 15 1/4"
Food: eating 4 to 6 ounces at each feeding about five times a day. 
Diapers: size one. 
Clothes: 0-3 months are fitting well. 
Sleeping: pretty well through the night 7-10 hours. And then still has a few naps during the day. 
Cries: when hungry and sometimes when she is tired or unsettled. 
Loves: eating, diaper changes, her crib mobile, holding her blankets, making funny faces, her exersaucer, tummy time and "talking" with us. 
Hates: still not a big fan of getting her boogers out and being hungry. 

Mama's proudest moment: that she smiles when she sees me when I get home from work.  

Daddy's proudest moment: getting our adoption finalized. 

Oops of the month: washing her bottles in the dishwasher with a pan of spaghetti sauce and dying the bottles and all their parts orange!!

Things we are looking forward to: Ellie sitting up and making progress towards crawling and talking. 

Oh sweet sweet Ellie Faith we love you so much and just can't get enough of you. Your little personality is so cute an you are such a good and easygoing baby. Thank you for being a sweetheart!

Mama and Daddy


  1. Stopping by your blog and I cant get over how cute Ellie is! Precious!!

  2. Ellie is so precious! I can't believe how fast she's grown! I still have that first sweet picture on my phone!


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