Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Thomas!!

Yesterday we celebrated Thomas' second Father's Day. We had a pretty laid back day, had coffee, went shopping, and got our house ready for hosting a Father's Day dinner with his family. 

Let's just say that this year Ellie was a lot more fun than last year. 

Today my dear husband turns another year older. I can't believe how quickly time is going. I swear we just celebrated his 30th a few weeks ago (oh wait, that was mine...). 

The hubs had to work today but he had a chance to go out to the bar with some co-workers to watch USA play against Ghana for the World Cup, so I'm thinking this soccer super fan had a pretty good day. 

Ellie and I are both so lucky to have such a wonderful and hard working man in our lives. He has the best fashion sense, can grill a mean burger, and has perfected my moms guacamole! He is a professional pooper scooper and is a rock star at helping to keep our house clean. Not to mention he always has a pot of coffee ready for me when I wake up! It's love you guys!!

I love you Thomas! Happy Birthday my love. 

♥ Ashley


  1. Awe! Sweet picture. I'm glad you have a man in your life and Ellie's that is so wonderful.

  2. hahaha, hooray for professional pooper scooper! Aria is an excellent pointer outer of the poop and dad scoops...good teamwork!

    Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday to him!

  3. hope he had a great one. I love how you use the chalk board for everything. They'd be a tad messy to me some what. Have you ever tried a dry erase board?

  4. coffee - must have coffee first thing - he's a hero in my book for having it ready for you! Happy Father's day and birthday!!

  5. Coffee=Keeper
    You two have it going on! Sounds like such a great weekend!


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